14 Best-Rated Foreign Horror Movies From the Last 20 Years

14 Best-Rated Foreign Horror Movies From the Last 20 Years
Image credit: Legion-Media

There's a high enough chance you're actually going to discover something completely new.

These 14 best-rated foreign horror movies from the last two decades are not just films; they're a passport to the dark corners of global cinema, where the terror is served with a side of nuance, tapping into local folklore and universal anxieties to deliver scares that linger long after the credits roll.

Venturing beyond Hollywood's familiar haunts opens up a chilling world of horror, where international filmmakers have been quietly crafting masterpieces that turn creeping dread into an art form; countries like Japan and South Korea, in particular, have redefined the genre, offering a brand of fear that's as culturally rich as it is deeply unsettling.

From the eerie stillness of a Japanese ghost story to the heart-pounding suspense of a Korean thriller, these films remind us that horror has many faces, and some of the most haunting ones aren't necessarily in English.

Exploring these horror movies from different countries is like embarking on a world tour of terror, a journey that promises to expand your horror horizons and prove that sometimes, stepping out of Hollywood's shadow is the best way to discover the truly spine-tingling stories.