10 Worst Glee Storylines According to Reddit

10 Worst Glee Storylines According to Reddit
Image credit: Legion-Media

Sometimes it's all "what the hell were they thinking?"

Glee, known for its catchy tunes and high school drama, wasn't always pitch-perfect with its storylines, and there's a chorus of Reddit users who have singled out 10 plots that hit more sour notes than a botched audition, the kind that today would have folks raising their eyebrows faster than a slushie face attack in the McKinley High hallway.

These story arcs, now looking back, seem like they were penned during a caffeine-induced, late-night brainstorming session where "that'll never work" was left at the door, reflecting a time in TV storytelling where boundaries were pushed in ways that would have Twitter in an uproar today.

From tangled love triangles that made less sense than trying to choreograph a ballet in a broom closet, to issue-based episodes that handled delicate topics with the subtlety of a foghorn, these storylines are the ones that Glee fans and critics alike have voted as the 'please, never again' of the show.

They represent a mishmash of ideas that, at their best, were daring and edgy, but at their worst, felt like watching a musical number that can't decide on its rhythm, leaving you wondering what the writers were thinking and why no one called a time-out.