10 Recent Box Office Bombs That Were Destined to Flop

10 Recent Box Office Bombs That Were Destined to Flop
Image credit: Legion-Media

In the flashy world of big-screen blockbusters, not every film is destined to be a hit, and this list of 10 recent movies is proof that sometimes, no matter how bright the stars in the cast are, a flop is just a flop.

These films, each with their own cocktail of issues, whether it's a script that reads like it was cobbled together during a lunch break, special effects that make you think they ran out of budget halfway through, or behind-the-scenes drama that spills onto the screen, were almost marked for disaster from the get-go.

It's like watching a train slowly derail; you can see the trouble brewing from the first trailer drop, with plot holes so big you could drive a truck through them, and dialogue so wooden it makes you wonder if anyone actually read it out loud before filming.

And then there's the CGI – oh, the CGI – in these films, it's the kind that pulls you out of the story faster than a ringing phone in a quiet theater, reminding you with every poorly-rendered scene that not all that glitters is gold in Hollywood.

As we dive into these 10 cinematic misadventures, remember, they serve as a reminder that making movies is an art, and sometimes, art doesn't quite come together as intended, leaving us with these big-budget tales that, for one reason or another, just couldn't stick the landing.