10 Comedies Darker Than Your Sense of Humor

10 Comedies Darker Than Your Sense of Humor
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You can't help but laugh, even as you squirm in discomfort.

1. In Bruges (2008)

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In the quaint city of Bruges, Belgium, two hitmen lay low after a botched job. Ray, the rookie, accidentally killed a child and Ken, the senior, is there to comfort him. The idyllic setting becomes a purgatory for Ray, who's haunted by his mistake. But wait! Harry, their boss, has other plans and heads to Bruges with vengeance in mind. Amidst medieval architecture and canal tours, bullets fly and moral dilemmas arise.

2. The Lobster (2015)

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Think of a world where being single is a crime, punishable by transformation into an animal of your choice. Welcome to The Lobster, where David, a newly single man, checks into a hotel with 45 days to find a partner or be turned into a lobster. It's a hunt for love, but not in the way you'd think. The inhabitants are desperate, forming partnerships based on trivial similarities. Yet, there's a twist – a group of rebels, the Loners, rejects societal norms and lives in the woods. David flees the hotel and falls for a Loner.

3. Four Lions (2010)

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Oh, the blunders of a group of bumbling British jihadists with a penchant for chaos. Meet Omar, Waj, Faisal, and Barry, who want to make a statement, albeit with confused motivations and questionable methods. They plan to bomb a major event, but with a crew like this, what could possibly go right?

Faisal accidentally blows himself up, Barry recruits a clueless neighbor, and the remaining members travel to Pakistan for training. Yet, their incompetence is as clear as day. Four Lions is like a satirical rollercoaster – you don't know whether to laugh or cringe, but you can't look away.

4. World's Greatest Dad (2009)

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Imagine being a failed writer and high school teacher with an insufferably rude teenage son. This is Lance's life in World's Greatest Dad. Things take a dark turn when his son dies in an embarrassing accident. Desperate to save face, Lance stages it as a suicide, writing a touching note that unintentionally goes viral. Suddenly, his son is posthumously celebrated, and Lance revels in the attention, writing a fake diary that becomes a sensation. But fame is fickle, and Lance's web of lies unravels.

5. God Bless America (2011)

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Let's be frank, haven't you ever fantasized about taking out society's most annoying members? Frank, a divorced and terminally ill man, decides to make that fantasy a reality. After witnessing a bratty reality TV star throw a tantrum, he hunts her down. Roxy, a like-minded teenager, joins him in a killing spree targeting the worst of society.

They bond over their shared disdain and embark on a road trip, leaving a trail of bodies. But, as their hit list grows, so do the consequences. It's a cathartic joyride, but with a harsh reminder that two wrongs don't make a right.

6. Death to Smoochy (2002)

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Oh, the world of children's television, who knew it could be so cutthroat? Rainbow Randolph, a disgraced kids' show host, plots the downfall of his squeaky-clean replacement, Smoochy the Rhino. It's a wild ride of sabotage, corruption, and mob involvement, as Randolph's revenge takes center stage. Amidst the chaos, Sheldon, the man behind Smoochy, tries to maintain his integrity. But with a parade of characters looking to exploit him, it's easier said than done.

7. Heathers (1989)

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Welcome to Westerburg High, where the Heathers, a trio of popular girls, rule the school with an iron fist. Enter Veronica, who befriends the Heathers, and JD, the mysterious new student with a penchant for chaos. The pair concocts a plan to take down the Heathers, one by one, disguising their murders as suicides. As their plot unfolds, the school descends into madness, with students romanticizing the deaths. Heathers is a black comedy that shines a harsh light on the absurdity of teenage angst and the cult of popularity.

8. Very Bad Things (1998)

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Picture this: a wild bachelor party, a group of friends, and an accidental death. In Very Bad Things, Kyle's pre-wedding celebration turns into a nightmare when a stripper is killed, and the group decides to cover it up. But, as they bury the body in the desert, the guilt and paranoia start to fester.

Their friendships crumble, their sanity unravels, and soon enough, they turn on each other. It's like a domino effect of bad decisions, where each choice only leads to more chaos. You could say it's a cautionary tale wrapped in dark humor, with a bow of moral decay on top.

9. The Cable Guy (1996)

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Think twice before inviting the cable guy into your home, as Steven learns the hard way in The Cable Guy. Chip, an eccentric and lonely technician, becomes overly attached to Steven, intruding into his life and manipulating his relationships. As Steven tries to distance himself, Chip's actions escalate from obsessive to downright sinister.

What started as a simple cable installation turns into a nightmarish struggle for control. The Cable Guy is like a friendship gone wrong, a comedy with a side of horror, and a reminder to be careful who you let into your life.

10. Death Becomes Her (1992)

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In the glamorous world of Hollywood, aging is a cardinal sin. Enter Madeline and Helen, two rivals willing to do whatever it takes to stay young forever. Their quest leads them to a mysterious potion that promises eternal youth but comes with a catch: they become immortal, but their bodies still decay. As they battle for supremacy, their rivalry becomes increasingly grotesque and absurd. Zombies in evening gowns, anyone?..