10 Campy Horror Films So Bad, They're Good (Almost)

10 Campy Horror Films So Bad, They're Good (Almost)
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Here are some suggestions for your next movie night.

Man, I have to hand it to these films. They might not be Oscar-worthy, but they sure do leave a unique taste, much like accidentally adding salt instead of sugar in your coffee. Worth a watch, if only for the sheer audacity!

1. The VelociPastor (2018)

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When Pastor Doug lost his parents, he embarked on a spiritual quest... to China. Acquiring a dino-cursed relic, he transformed into a vigilante velociraptor upon will. With an unlikely alliance with a hooker, the duo fought ninjas, criminals, and existential crises. But with an increasing body count, can Doug keep faith, or will he permanently go 'raptor rogue'? Confession hours surely got a whole lot wilder!

2. Troll 2 (1990)

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Ah, Nilbog! A quaint little town where the Waits family decided to vacation. But wait, Nilbog spelled backward is... Goblin? Yup! The townsfolk were goblins, craving vegetarian humans for dinner. With green icing goop and an ancient witch's schemes, can young Joshua save his family from becoming plant-based meals? P.S. There are no trolls in Troll 2.

3. Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (1977)

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Nestled in a dilapidated mansion lay a bed. But this wasn't IKEA's finest – it was demonic and hungry! Whoever dared to rest on it found themselves digested by its yellow foam. As victims dwindled, an imprisoned spirit narrated its history of a demon's tears and a maiden's demise. The only hope was an artist, also trapped in the room. Can he put the bed on a diet, or will the munching continue?

4. Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

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In a sleepy American town, a mysterious tent landed. But surprise! It wasn't a circus but grotesque alien klowns... with a 'K'. Their weapons? Cotton candy guns and balloon animals! As they whimsically turned townsfolk into sugary snacks, a brave group tried to sound the alarm. However, with acid pies and shadow puppet monsters, could the town fend off this... 'krazy' invasion?

5. Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010)

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In sunny California, Rod, a software salesman, met his old flame, Nathalie. As romance blossomed, nature revolted with... kamikaze eagles and vultures? Yup. Birds descended, exploding upon impact, causing fiery chaos. As our duo navigated wooden acting and climate change monologues, they found oddball survivors. Amidst hangers and improvised weapons, can humans reclaim Earth from the feathery menace?

6. Gingerdead Man (2005)

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Executed serial killer Millard Findlemeyer got his ashes mixed into gingerbread spice by his witchy mom. Result? When baked, he arose as the murderous Gingerdead Man! Hunting down the girl who testified against him, he wreaked sweet chaos in a bakery. Ovens, sharp tools, and frosting – this cookie was out for blood! Can the survivors crumble his crispy reign of terror? Freshly baked homicide never smelled this... gingerly.

7. Basket Case (1982)

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Duane checked into a seedy New York motel with a locked basket. Inside? His deformed, telepathic twin, Belial. Previously conjoined, they sought revenge on the doctors who separated them. As they navigated love, jealousy, and New York's underbelly, bloodshed ensued. Can Duane find peace, or will Belial's rage remain unboxed? Sibling rivalry just found a new benchmark.

8. Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)

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Driving through Texas, a family got lost, landing at a lodge overseen by Torgo (with 'large' knees). Unbeknownst to them, the lodge worshipped Manos, a deity demanding wives and sacrifices. Amidst slow-paced chases, eerie rituals, and a horde of brides, the family tried to escape. But with a cult closing in, do they stand a chance? Hand over heart, it's a trip you won't forget.

9. Killer Sofa (2019)

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A reclining chair became infatuated with a girl named Francesca. But this ain't your regular La-Z-Boy! Possessed by a dybbuk, it embarked on a murderous spree to protect its love. As detectives unraveled the chair's past, Francesca grappled with her family's curse. Will love prevail, or will the armrest claim more victims? Furnishing a room suddenly got a lot more complicated.

10. The Stuff (1985)

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A new dessert hit the market – 'The Stuff'. Delicious, low-cal, and addictive, it was the dream... until it moved. Turns out, this dairy delight consumed its consumers from inside out! As a corporate spy and a young boy tried exposing the truth, they battled corporate greed and creamy zombies. Can they serve justice or will they be served next? Midnight snacks suddenly seemed riskier.