1 Star Is Exiting The Gilded Age Ahead of Season 2

1 Star Is Exiting The Gilded Age Ahead of Season 2
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This cast member's departure is confirmed, but fans should not be surprised.

Last year, Julian Fellowes decided to cement his status as the master of period pieces by teaming up with HBO for The Gilded Age. Of course, many fans were keen to see another masterpiece by the legendary creator, so the new project proved to be a hit shortly after its release.

The Gilded Age has the same vibe as Fellowes' Downton Abbey but is set in late 19th-century New York, making it more appealing for international and especially American audiences. Starring Carrie Coon, Taissa Farmiga, Jack Gilpin, Cynthia Nixon, and Christine Baranski, the show is set to return for a second season in the near future. However, it looks like at least one star will not be seen in the upcoming installment.

The news of a beloved actor leaving the project immediately worried fans, as many feared that Coon, Nixon, or Baranski had decided to take their careers elsewhere. But the exclusion of one particular character was actually teased in the first season's finale, and luckily, it's not one of the three.

In the final episode of Season 1, Louisa Jacobson's Marian Brook was badly hurt after her fiancé Tom Raikes (Thomas Cocquerel) suddenly broke off their engagement. So now, with Marian remaining the main character in the second season, Tom has no real reason to stay on the show, and Fellowes is well aware of that.

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The recent announcement that Thomas Cocquerel won't be a part of the upcoming season was a big heartbreak for fans of the actor and his character, but most viewers will probably be indifferent to his departure. Marian's fiancé was an interesting character, of course, but he wasn't integral to the success of the show, so letting him go after his storyline ended seemed like the most logical decision.

Unfortunately, HBO has yet to announce a release date for The Gilded Age Season 2. It's already clear that the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes will prevent the network from premiering the new season anytime soon, as American actors are currently prohibited from promoting their projects.