Young Sheldon Fans Suggest Georgie and Missy Are As Smart As Sheldon

Young Sheldon Fans Suggest Georgie and Missy Are As Smart As Sheldon
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Sheldon is unsurpassed in science, but can his siblings beat him in other areas?

Ever since the first episode of The Big Bang Theory, everyone knew that Sheldon Cooper was a genius. Insufferable, rude and egotistical, but a genius nonetheless.

After CBS' biggest sitcom ended in 2019, people started watching its spinoff, Young Sheldon, to see more of that insufferable rude and egotistical genius. The series follows the future Nobel Prize winner's family, including his father, mother, and siblings, Georgie and Missy.

To no one's surprise, Sheldon is as insufferable a child as he is as an adult. Completely lacking the social intelligence to fit in with any group at school, Sheldon often relies on his sister and brother to fix the messes he leaves behind. The Coopers are a loving family who always help each other out.

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And while the show focuses mainly on Sheldon, some fans have suggested that Georgie and Missy may be just as clever as him, albeit in other ways.

First of all, Missy and Georgie have a massive leg-up on Sheldon in terms of social skills. Next to Sheldon, their emotional intelligence is through the roof. And while that doesn't make them as smart as Sheldon in science, it certainly makes them several orders of magnitude better than him at interacting with people.

Furthermore, fans note that Missy has plenty of street smarts: she quickly makes friends and knows which strings to pull to get what she wants. It's not theoretical physics, but it's a skill many people fail to master in a lifetime.

Meanwhile, Georgie is just as sharp as Sheldon when it comes to business: sometimes, it seems like the kid has the Midas touch. He comes up with one seemingly crazy business scheme after another, and yet he actually pulls them off and makes money. Georgie's affluence in the Big Bang Theory is a testament to his business acumen. And last but not least, he knew crypto was a scam even before it was a thing.

Of course, Sheldon is second to none in academic intelligence, but his siblings far exceed him in emotional intelligence, social skills, and business savvy.