Young Sheldon Fans Divided on Missy's Latest Plot Twist

Image credit: CBS

The sixth season of Young Sheldon keeps exploring the everyday lives of its characters, including Sheldon Cooper's twin sister Missy, portrayed by Raegan Revord.

Unlike her genius brother, whose quirks have annoyed characters in both the original Big Bang Theory and its spin-off, Missy has been pretty likable — although she's clearly nowhere as smart as Sheldon. She is also nothing like her older brother Georgie (who, let's be frank, is portrayed as a rather dumb character), but what Missy definitely has is great social skills, optimistic personality, and a sharp tongue.

And fans have admired the girl for these qualities, but now some of the viewers seem to be at a loss about their attitude to Missy after what has unfolded in episode 15, season six.

Anyone who's been following the show would probably agree that the Coopers aren't an ideal family. They struggle financially, don't always listen to each other, and are pretty average overall — but in a good way, as this is what makes them relatable to different audiences.

In season six, George and Mary Cooper face even deeper marital problems, which seem to bring them closer to a divorce, and this leads Missy to suddenly break her nice character. Although such a reaction is certainly expected from a teenager that Missy is, Young Sheldon fans stand divided on her behavior.

Some of the viewers criticize Missy for acting out and running away from home, thus adding even more trouble to the lot. Their argument is that she's spoiled and unable to acknowledge the overall situation that the Coopers are in at the moment, with George and Mary's marriage falling apart and Mandy giving birth to the youngest Cooper.

"She's not the Missy we knew. She's been behaving like a brat for sometime now. She's always rude. Very moody. Only talks about boys. She's not pleasant at all," says one of the fans in a YouTube comment.

On the contrary, the other half of the fandom is very supportive of Missy. They justify the girl's meltdown, saying it's everything all at once and too much for such a young teenager to cope with. In episode 15, Missy is literally forgotten and neglected by everyone, so it's no wonder she feels and acts this way. And though viewers agree that running away was probably a bad decision, this is a very adolescent way of drawing attention to oneself.

Here's how another YouTuber defends the girl: "Raegan is such a great actress, the emotions she shows in her acting is truly amazing and as for the character Missy, I feel so bad for her, she's truly hurting and no one cares or notices until things go too far."

All in all, Missy is showing the typical behavior of a teenager being at odds with the world and the challenges it brings. Of course, people are disappointed by this change in character, since Missy is no longer the overly optimistic girl they used to know — but we also have to acknowledge that her life situation has changed and she has to respond to it accordingly.