Young Sheldon Fans Agree This Event Would've Ruined the Show

Young Sheldon Fans Agree This Event Would've Ruined the Show
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Apparently, a family show has to have a family at its core...


  • As Young Sheldon Season 7 is about to be released, fans are revisiting old seasons.
  • One event could have ruined the entire show for many viewers.
  • Mary and George have weathered the storm of marital problems.

There are few shows whose popularity stands the test of time. CBS's The Big Bang Theory is arguably one of them. When it debuted in 2007, the seemingly classic sitcom with a laugh track didn't take off right away, but it eventually grew to become one of the most popular modern comedies, with millions of fans around the world. So much so that it spawned an equally popular spin-off, Young Sheldon, which has been captivating viewers in its own way for six seasons now.

With the seventh and final installment of Young Sheldon set to premiere in the coming weeks, it is no surprise that fans are extremely excited right now. In fact, many are rewatching the spin-off to help manage their excitement. And interestingly enough, while revisiting YS, it becomes clear that the show could have been ruined by a single event that fortunately never happened.

Mary and George's Dysfunctional Marriage

Narrated by TBBT's eccentric genius Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Young Sheldon tells the story of his younger self and his family as they navigate life in a small Texas town while struggling to make ends meet and keep the family together. Nevertheless, the spin-off is full of hilarity, as it features brilliant one-liners and sees the characters getting into all kinds of comic situations.

However, the tension between Shelly's parents often leaves the family in limbo as divorce seems imminent. In addition, fans of The Big Bang Theory will remember Sheldon's comments about his family from the original show. There, Dr. Cooper reveals that his parents were unhappy and that his father had an affair that the boy inadvertently witnessed. While neither of these things seem to have happened to young Sheldon, the audience agrees that the Cooper parents' divorce would have ruined the show.

Would Sheldon's parents' divorce have ruined the sitcom for you?

No Divorce on the Horizon

Obviously, the Coopers have been going through some turmoil the past few seasons. Mary and George grew distant and seemed to be more interested in other people. Missy felt abandoned because everyone was preoccupied with their own problems. Sheldon had trouble adjusting to college life. Georgie got a girl pregnant. But in the end, these mishaps only brought the family closer together.

As for Mary and George's relationship, they are over the hump of the marital crisis and seem to be getting along at the end of Season 6. Besides, the disaster that turned their family life upside down at the end of the sixth episode will probably help them rebuild their relationship.

Unfortunately, every TBBT fan knows that there's another tragedy - much more serious than a divorce - that will tear the Cooper family apart for good. But that's a story for another time...