Yellowstone Star Brushes Off Cancellation Rumors as 'Drama Over Nothing'

Yellowstone Star Brushes Off Cancellation Rumors as 'Drama Over Nothing'
Image credit: Paramount

So, we know that the release of the second part of season 5 of the popular neo-western Yellowstone is scheduled for the summer of 2023.

Yet, fans of the show centered around the owners of Montana's largest ranch, are concerned about the future of the series.

Will there even be more seasons? While viewers continue to speculate, some of the main cast members seem completely unconcerned. But not because they aren't interested in continuing the series. On the contrary, they seem to be too wrapped up in the plot related to their characters.

It's worth starting with Cole Hauser, who played Rip Wheeler, the right-hand man of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch and the main character, John Dutton (portrayed by Kevin Costner). Back in January, the actor assured that seasons 6 and 7 would definitely be released.

However, this was before the Kevin Costner news broke. Deadline reported on possible conflicts between Costner and the crew (including the creator Taylor Sheridan himself) over his work schedule.

The actor has decided to move on and begin production on his own western, Horizon. As it became known, he demanded to finish the shooting of the second part in just one week.

Nevertheless, the silence about these rumors was broken by Wes Bentley, who called the buzz “a bit of drama over nothing”. But instead of news about Costner, the actor who played Jamie Dutton chose to focus on the difficult relationship between his character and Jamie’s half-sister Beth (Kelly Reilly). The tension between half-brother and sister seems to be reaching a climax.

“I'm so invested in more than just Jamie. I'm invested in the whole thing now,” Bentley says. The main cast is intrigued and waiting for the next script. However, the actor did not comment on Costner's departure from the show, which was also noticed by fans.

“Paramount actually didn’t deny it. They said they hoped he’d stay long term,” Reddit user CelestialTerror96 says.

There are also those fans who are clearly not that affected by Kevin Costner's possible departure from the project (if all the other members of the project remain):

“If everyone else is locked in, why not just write out Kevin Costner and move on with the rest of the cast?” Redditor pamedley2018 wonders.

It is not yet known if Costner will be leaving the project or not. We just have to wait for the official statements from Paramount Network, as well as the release date for Season 5 Part 2.