With Aegon's Life Hanging in the Balance, What's Next for House of the Dragon?

With Aegon's Life Hanging in the Balance, What's Next for House of the Dragon?
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Only the Seven seem to know the answer.


  • King Aegon's sudden appearance in the sky above Rook's Rest was one of the most surprising events of Episode 4.
  • The king's fate remains unknown.
  • The presumed death of his dragon raises questions about the fate of other characters.

It would be no exaggeration to say that the fourth episode of Season 2 of House of the Dragon was full of surprises. Beginning with Daemon's continued adventures in Harrenhal as he explores his nightmares stemming from the guilt he has carried for years, Episode 4 stunned viewers with another cameo from Milly Alcock, who reprised her role as young Rhaenyra in one of Daemon's dreams – this time to her own doom.

The audience then followed Criston Cole as he orchestrated a ruse to lure Rhaenyra's dragons out so that Aemond and Vhagar could do their part and kill them. As a result, Rhaenys Targaryen died in battle on the back of her dragon, Meleys, after Vhagar snapped the 'old girl's' neck in the air. Even more surprising was the sudden appearance of King Aegon II astride Sunfyre and the doom they faced at the fangs, claws, and fire of Meleys and Vhagar.

Meleys ripped open Sunfyre's chest, and Vhagar burned the golden dragon's wings with her flames, bringing Aegon's dragon down with him. While his fate remains to be seen, as the trailer for Episode 5 suggests that Aegon may be alive, Sunfyre has no chance of returning to the series. And it immediately raises many questions about the future of other major characters.

A Strange Creative Liberty

King Aegon's condition after the fall has yet to be determined. Is he alive? Is he crippled? Is he safe and sound? Episode 5 will answer these questions, but it's unlikely that one of the main 'dancers' in this Dance of the Dragons has died so soon – especially given the fact that Aegon outlived Rhaenyra in George R.R. Martin's Fire & Blood, on which House of the Dragon is based.

In the novel, Rhaenyra must flee King's Landing, which she had recently conquered, after Helaena's suicide provokes the smallfolk to rise up against the new monarch, whom they blame for the death of their beloved queen. Upon reaching Dragonstone, Rhaenyra is betrayed by one of her Queensguard, who captures her and delivers her to Aegon. Without much ado, Aegon feeds Rhaenyra to his dragon, Sunfyre, and months later is poisoned himself by an assassin hired by someone on his small council.

Too Many Question, Too Few Answers

On House of the Dragon, Aegon may still be alive, but Sunfyre must be dead from all the wounds he suffered in the battle at Rook's Rest and the epic fall from the sky. And now that the golden dragon is dead, what awaits Rhaenyra? How will she die? Whose dragon will she become food for? And will she die at all? These are just the tip of the iceberg of questions that the creative changes to the show have brought.

Anyway, we have no choice but to wait and see where the characters' stories go next. Episode 5 of Season 2 will premiere on July 14.