Will There Be Season 2 of Queen Charlotte? Bridgeton's Shonda Rhimes Is Excited, but Undecided

Will There Be Season 2 of Queen Charlotte? Bridgeton's Shonda Rhimes Is Excited, but Undecided
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The showrunner wants to make sure that Season 2 will not be a disappointment.


  • The release of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story excited many fans of the period drama in 2023.
  • Shonda Rhimes hasn't given a definitive answer about the future of the spin-off.
  • The EP prefers to remain tight-lipped about anything related to the future of the Bridgerton franchise.

Despite being one of Netflix's most popular shows, Bridgerton has only lasted two seasons since its debut in 2020, with the third installment premiering tomorrow. With two years between each season of the hit period drama, you might think that fans would have lost interest in the show by now. But luckily, the romance series has spawned a spin-off, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, which has rekindled viewers' love for the franchise.

Released in 2023, the spin-off proved to be as popular as Bridgerton itself. It focuses on the young Princess Charlotte's journey to become the revered Queen and supreme power of the Ton. Given Queen Charlotte's popularity, it is no surprise that viewers are looking forward to a new season. But it seems that the fate of the spin-off is still up in the air, as the creator of both Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte is undecided about whether to make a second season.

Shonda Rhimes on Queen Charlotte's Future

'I do have inklings of what another story could be, but I also don't know,' Shonda Rhimes recently commented on a potential second season of Queen Charlotte. 'I just want it to be really good if we're going to tell it.'

Remarkably, one of Rhimes' incentives to create the Bridgerton spin-off was to be able to authentically integrate the show's only queer storyline, the romance between Brimsley and Reynolds. According to the showrunner, she had it in mind for the main series, but didn't know how to weave it organically into the overall plot. And Reynolds and Brimsley's love story seems to be one of the reasons Shonda Rhimes is considering making another season of Queen Charlotte, because while she could revisit their story on Bridgerton, it's not 'the way it should be told.'

Keeping Mum

However, even if the creator of the hit Netflix series and its spin-off were to make a second season of Queen Charlotte, she would prefer to keep quiet about it because of her negative experience with fan reaction to the announcement of Bridgerton's third season.

'Last time I made the mistake of mentioning what we were doing the next season, everyone got mad,' the EP said of her unfortunate experience with revealing what Season 3 of Bridgerton would be about.

So even if Queen Charlotte were on its way to Season 2, we would have to wait for the official announcement from Netflix. But this doesn't mean that the Bridgerton prequel will never be continued, as it all depends on whether Shonda Rhimes finds a story worth telling. In the meantime, we can enjoy Season 3 of Bridgerton, the first part of which will be released on Netflix tomorrow, May 16.

Source: Variety.

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