Will Roy and Keeley's Relationship Make It to The End of Ted Lasso?

Image credit: Legion-Media

The soccer series' biggest romance was in danger of being derailed by the end of its second season, but fans are still hoping for the best.

In 2020, Apple TV+ created a sensation with Ted Lasso, a hilarious show about an American football coach hired to train a soccer team across the pond. The audience loved Jason Sudeikis as the wacky Lasso, and some of the supporting actors also became fan favorites, with Roy Kent played by Brett Goldstein being the most prominent example.

Viewers eagerly followed the dynamic between Roy and Ted as they both started out cold to each other and then became really close friends.

But ahead of the season three premiere, another relationship has fans worrying — that of Roy and his girlfriend Keeley Jones, a PR consultant for AFC Richmond.

Keeley's vibrant personality, strong attitude, and genuine love for Roy really made viewers' hearts melt soon after her appearance on the series. She and Roy have gone through a lot, and their relationship was strong and caring, so viewers did not expect the couple to break up.

However, after some misadventures in the second season, when both confessed to some hurtful things, it seemed that the characters' future together might be in question. The season finale confirmed this theory as Keeley decided not to go to Spain with Roy, preferring to stay in England and concentrate on her new job.

But does this mean Roy and Keeley have officially broken up?

According to fans on Reddit, not at all. Firstly, Keeley never said that her decision to stay in England had anything to do with Roy: she explained that she still loves him but wants to focus on her career. Secondly, the two have shared so many tender moments together — the scene in the locker room after Roy's injury and their babysitting for Phoebe are just the tip of the iceberg — so fans just can't believe that Ted Lasso's writers could ruin this precious romance.

Both Roy and Keeley are just evolving into new versions of themselves, and their relationship may or may not be the endgame material. For the moment, fans are excited to see their story develop further as they're not ready to let go of their favorite couple.