Will Penelope Give Up Being Lady Whistledown After Bridgerton Season 3?

Will Penelope Give Up Being Lady Whistledown After Bridgerton Season 3?
Image credit: Netflix

Fans can't help but wonder whether Penelope will abandon her alter ego after the upcoming season.

Netflix's adaptation of Julia Quinn's romantic novels took the world by storm in 2020, with fans obsessing over the enthralling love lives of young, attractive English aristocrats in the fictional Regency era. Penelope stood out as a fan favourite among the many colourful and engaging characters, with her Lady Whistledown persona establishing her as a formidable presence.

As Lady Whistledown, Penelope has disseminated gossip about nearly every character in the series, but will her dominance persist beyond the highly-anticipated third season?

While Penelope's chosen profession has garnered disdain from some fans, who view her gossip-mongering as a betrayal of her friends and acquaintances, her undeniable influence and accomplishments have earned her admiration and respect.

Penelope has become a role model for many female characters in the series and takes pride in her work. Consequently, fans have wholeheartedly embraced this storyline.

As season three focuses on Penelope and Colin's blossoming relationship, culminating in Penelope joining the Bridgerton family, fans wonder whether Lady Whistledown has a future.

Many believe that once Penelope marries Colin, writing about the Bridgertons will no longer be feasible, undermining Lady Whistledown's raison d'être. As a result, fans predict that the series' writers may force Penelope to retire Lady Whistledown to enjoy domestic bliss.

This prospect has incited strong reactions from viewers, who argue that stripping Penelope of her alter ego would reduce her to a one-dimensional character, devoid of the depth and intrigue that made her compelling in the first place.

While Netflix may still find a way to sustain Lady Whistledown's narrative, the challenge of doing so grows increasingly daunting as circumstances appear to conspire against it.