Will Outlander Season 7 Bring Back Original Magic After Season 6 Failure?

Will Outlander Season 7 Bring Back Original Magic After Season 6 Failure?
Image credit: STARZ

Television shows are like relationships in that the initial excitement tends to fade as time goes by.

It is no surprise that viewers often express disappointment when their favourite shows seem to decline in quality.

There are many reasons why this can happen: the producers will sometimes keep flogging a dead horse well past its sell-by date, or the show's original concept gets changed beyond all recognition as it evolves.

Outlander, a historical romance drama, first premiered on Starz in 2014. Since then, there have been six seasons, with a seventh already in production. However, season 6 sparked a wave of discontent among fans due to its marked departure from the show's established identity.

‘Just finished season 6, I cannot believe how horrible it was. It was nothing like the early Outlander. It literally felt like a daytime soap opera. There was literally very little plot. It was so boring to the point where I struggled to watch the other episodes… Nothing really happened at all,’ a Redditor complained.

However, not everyone shares this sentiment. Many viewers believe that season 6 adheres more closely to Diana Gabaldon's books the show is based on.

Some even attribute the perceived lack of excitement to the Covid-19 pandemic. The reasoning is straightforward: as season 6 was filmed during the pandemic, there were fewer people on set, undermining the crew's ability to create more intricate sets.

Additionally, Caitriona Balfe, who portrays the main character, was pregnant during filming and unable to film action sequences. As a result, the season had to be shortened.

These factors have heightened anticipation for season 7.

Given that the sixth season closely follows the original books, and the sixth book contains numerous intriguing moments, Outlander fans are hopeful that the upcoming season will compensate for the perceived shortcomings of season 6 in terms of action and plot development.

While it remains unclear whether the sixth book's major plot twists and pivotal events will be featured in the forthcoming seventh season, one thing is clear: Outlander fans have set their expectations high and are looking forward to the show's return.