Will Mary and George Get a Divorce on Young Sheldon?

Image credit: CBS

The show's fans are worried that Sheldon's parents are in for a lot of unpleasantness in the near future.

The Big Bang Theory was an immensely successful CBS series, prompting the network to produce a spinoff that focuses on the childhood years of Sheldon Cooper, the Big Bang Theory's most popular character. Young Sheldon has proven to be a hit among fans, offering deeper insights into Sheldon's family, introducing his parents, George and Mary, and showcasing more of his siblings, Missy and Georgie.

The Coopers look like a flawless family when we first see them in Young Sheldon, but The Big Bang Theory fans have been aware from the start that they had problems.

In the original series, Sheldon lets it slip that he walked in on his father having sex with another woman when he was 13, so now fans are legitimately worried that George and Mary's days together are numbered.

The question is whether the Coopers will get divorced in Young Sheldon. The answer to that question is not as straightforward and somewhat sad.

Most fans do not think that Mary and George will break up over his infidelity as, according to the Big Bang Theory canon, George died when Sheldon was 14, leaving the family devastated by the loss.

The reasoning among fans is that even if Mary were to find out that George was cheating on her, his untimely demise would derail any divorce proceedings.

And while George's death is a certainty, the infidelity arc could easily be dropped entirely if the writers chose to do so. Even before Young Sheldon premiered, the show's creators stated they had no intention of religiously sticking to the Big Bang Theory canon if it hurt the spinoff: so seeing how George's infidelity could really hurt the spinoff's arc, it may never actually materialise in the end.

Fans would certainly be grateful, as the spinoff's George is a completely different, much more likeable and relatable person from how Sheldon describes him in the original series.