Why Gary From Below Deck Sailing Yacht Deserves More Love in Season 4

Why Gary From Below Deck Sailing Yacht Deserves More Love in Season 4
Image credit: Bravo TV

Reality TV thrives on antagonists.

While they may not be genuinely evil, the mischievous and delinquent characters often capture viewers' attention.

However unpleasant they may be in real life, these individuals inject excitement and drama into reality shows.

The latest addition to the franchise, Below Deck Sailing Yacht, premiered its fourth season on 10 April. The setting is what sets this spin-off apart: a sailing yacht traversing the Mediterranean during the charter season.

The nine-member crew includes fan-favourite Chief Engineer Colin Macrae, but some fans believe another cast member deserves more appreciation than he gets.

Gary might not be the most lovable character, and it's easy to see why. He's a chaotic individual who creates turmoil wherever he goes, often appearing obtuse and holding the title of the show's ultimate 'slut'. However, there are redeeming qualities to Gary that have earned him fans' affection.

Great at His Job

Despite his chaotic persona, Gary is an incredibly reliable worker. As the ship's first officer, he excels in his role, which is evident throughout the show.


Gary may struggle with commitment in relationships, but he is refreshingly honest.

He consistently communicates his intentions and expectations to his romantic interests, ensuring both parties navigate their relationship with eyes wide open.


Gary knows his actions may cause harm, but he never hesitates to apologise. Furthermore, he takes responsibility for his actions, demonstrating courage and admirable character.

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While Gary can be impulsive and make mistakes, he has a good heart and never intends to hurt anyone.


Gary's wit has the power to brighten even the sunniest Mediterranean day. His humour can easily bring a smile to your face.


Simply put, Gary is fun to watch. Despite his complicated nature, he's among the most entertaining characters on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. His chaotic antics contribute to the show's overall allure.

In summary, even if you happen to dislike Gary as a person, he's worth your appreciation as a character.