Why Does the British Public Still Hate Meghan Markle?

Why Does the British Public Still Hate Meghan Markle?
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Meghan Markle, who became a member of the British royal family in 2018, is undoubtedly one of the world's most discussed women.

But that popularity is more of a con than a pro. Everything she does is wrong. No other royal family member has experienced so much suspicion, criticism, and bullying. We've picked the seven biggest scandals involving Prince Harry's wife.

Kate Middleton's tears.

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In November 2018, news broke that Meghan and Harry were moving out of Kensington Palace. It soon became clear why: the Duchess failed to build rapport with Britain's sweetheart, Kate Middleton. Rumours were rampant that Kate lost it at one point because of Meghan. A violent row broke out between the two over Markle's treatment of the palace staff.

Bullying the servants

There has been a lot of talk online about Meghan's "difficult" personality. While she was living in the UK, her servants kept on quitting: she lost three assistants and a bodyguard. The recruiter who hired staff for the palace was quoted as saying at one point that the duchess bullied the servants and often brought palace staff to tears.

Prince Harry's departure from the family

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Some believe Prince Harry surrendered his title and left his family because of Meghan. Harry and Meghan say they wanted financial independence, but internet pundits suspect it's a lie and that Meghan forced her husband to leave the UK. The move shocked the public and caused outrage. The couple are now living in the United States, but they do often visit the UK.

Oprah Winfrey interview

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Oprah spent a long time earning Meghan Markle's trust to get an exclusive with her. The royal family is known for its secrecy, so it's a dream come true for any interviewer to talk to an insider willing to spill the beans. Oprah got what she wanted in March 2021. Harry and Meghan's confessions surprised the public and became a big scandal for the royal family. The couple's already tense relationship with the royals deteriorated even further. Meghan Markle claimed to have experienced racism in the royal palace. She also said she had never ceased contemplating suicide because of all the bullying in the press.

People didn't like what she said in the interview, believing she chose to deliberately slander the royal family to get the public on her side, but she failed. The couple's rating hit bottom after the interview came out.

Relationships with Relatives

The crown has never seen such a strained and scandalous relationship as between Meghan and her relatives. The Duchess's father, brother, and sister often went on record with the press, claiming Meghan was very hypocritical and never showed her true colours, instead simply playing the role of a princess in a bid to become a new Diana. Meghan didn't say much about her own family and didn't even invite them to her wedding.

Drama with the name for a daughter

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About a year ago, Harry and Meghan became parents again, and their daughter was named Lilibeth Diana. Many Britons got angry at the choice of the first name, Lilibeth, as that's a nickname for Queen Elizabeth II.

The press reported Harry and Meghan had not cleared the name with the Queen, who might have been upset. There were rumours that Princess Beatrice, who was also pregnant with a girl, had long wanted to name her daughter Lilibeth and that Meghan "stole" the name to get close to the Queen. Elizabeth II publicly rejoiced at the news, but the relations within the royal family soured.

Conspiracy against Prince Harry

This one is a very recent scandal and seemingly the biggest one yet. Royal expert Angela Levin has accused Meghan of conspiring against Prince Harry. She claimed that the Duchess wanted to destroy the monarchy from within. Levine also noted that with Meghan's arrival, relations in the family have significantly deteriorated: Harry used to get along well with Prince Charles and his brother, William, but now their relationship is ruined.