Why Barbie is The Most Controversial Oscars 2024 Contender

Why Barbie is The Most Controversial Oscars 2024 Contender
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The suggestion of Barbie getting a certain Oscars nod has caused chaos.

Barbie (2023) surpassed almost everyone’s expectations. Marketed as a fun movie that should not be taken too seriously, it turned out to be an incredibly intelligent social commentary on gender norms.

It was female empowering and absolutely hilarious to boot.

Barbie is Heavy Favorite on Variety’s Oscars Predictions for 2024

Variety has published their Oscars predictions for 2024, and Barbie (2023) appears on the list an impressive 11 times. Now this is not to say the film will successfully be an entrant in the listed categories. But Variety has an uncanny knack for getting this right. And it does confirm that the film has been formally submitted for the following awards:

· Best Picture

· Best Director

· Best Actor in a Supporting Role

· Best Actress in a Supporting Role

· Best Production Design

· Best Costume Design

· Best Film Editing

· Best Make-Up and Hairstyling

· Best Original Song (twice)

· Best Original Screenplay

What’s the Problem with Barbie Getting Oscar Nominations?

Fans of the film would agree that Barbie (2023) is a stand-out in all the above categories. In fact, it seems a glaringly obvious omission that star Margot Robbie does not appear as a potential Best Actress nomination. Her co-stars in the film, Ryan Gosling and America Ferrera are both tipped to be in the running for Best Actor and Actress in Supporting Roles, yet Robbie is absent. But this is not the cause of the controversy. The drama has arisen due to Barbie (2023) being submitted for one category in particular. Best Original Screenplay.

Why Is the Barbie Screenplay Controversial?

The issue here lies in one simple word. Original.

Ever since it was revealed that Barbie (2023) intended to put itself forward for this category, there has been debate about just how original the screenplay truly is. Because it is based on existing intellectual property, the Barbie series of toys from Mattel, some have suggested that this negates it being genuinely original. Which would make it ineligible for admission into the Best Original Screenplay category.

What Happens Now?

Time will reveal all. It is the decision of the Academy whether Barbie (2023) can be submitted to the above categories, including Best Original Screenplay. One thing is for sure, given Variety has tipped it to win this one, all eyes will be on the decision.

Source: Variety.

Do you think Barbie (2023) deserves to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay?