Who's to Blame for Colin's Immature Behavior in Bridgerton?

Who's to Blame for Colin's Immature Behavior in Bridgerton?
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While most fans are looking forward to seeing the love story between Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington unfold in Bridgerton season three, there are those who find it hard to imagine Colin as the hero lover, arguing that his behavior on the show so far has been rather immature.

Watching Colin for two seasons, lots of people have come to realize that many of the character's acts are nothing short of childish and naive.

The way Colin's family treats him, the whole Marina storyline from season one, his involvement in Uncle Jack's scam in season two, along with his attitude to Penelope — all these details serve as evidence that Colin still has to grow as a character and a person. In fact, Colin is even more immature than his younger sister, Daphne, who has behaved like a true adult since season one. And why is that, fans wondered?

In a discussion on Reddit, people tried to answer this very question, and some commenters suggested a few plausible explanations for why Colin may be less mature than his sister. Let's look at them in detail.

Social Norms

Many fans pointed out that the expectations for men and women were very different in the Regency era. While women were considered adults and expected to marry in their late teens, men were given the freedom to get degrees, travel, and have fun before settling down. That's why, in season one, Daphne is all grown up and ready to get married, even though she's fourth in line, and Colin is treated as a silly boy who's obviously too young to find a wife.

Third Son, First Daughter Pressure

As the eldest daughter, Daphne was under pressure to set the bar for her sisters' marriages. By marrying the Duke of Hastings, she gave them added prestige.

Colin, on the other hand, is the third son, and there's virtually no pressure on him. He can be as immature, whimsical, and temperamental as he wants.

Lady Violet

Some commenters have also noted that Lady Violet treats both Colin and Gregory like babies. This is probably because Anthony and Benedict had to grow up overnight when their father died suddenly. Lady Violet fell into a depression and was shocked when she came out of it to find that her two older boys were now men. This made her cling even more to her younger sons, thus encouraging Colin's childish behavior.