Who's The Richest Twilight Star in 2023? Actors' Net Worth, Ranked

Who's The Richest Twilight Star in 2023? Actors' Net Worth, Ranked
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The answer is highly predictable.

It's been fifteen years since the debut of the Twilight Saga. Premiering in 2008, the film series quickly became a hit with viewers. Such was its impact that five more instalments followed, solidifying the vampire franchise as a staple of late 2000s and early 2010s pop culture.

Adapted from the eponymous book series by Stephenie Meyer, the Twilight Saga achieved international acclaim, raking in a staggering $3.4 billion at the box office. That not only made its cast Hollywood stars but also significantly padded their bank accounts. So, which Twilight star sits atop the wealth pyramid?

Robert Pattinson Boasts Significant Wealth

Robert Pattinson is a famous British actor who first came to prominence as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Notably, his fortune is on par with some of the leading stars from the wizarding film series. Pattinson's net worth is estimated at a whopping $100 million.

While the Twilight Saga played a pivotal role in Pattinson's financial success, he has taken on a myriad of roles since his vampire days. His standout performances include T.E. Lawrence in Queen of the Desert, Thomas Howard in The Lighthouse, and the Dauphin in The King. Most recently, Robert donned the cape for the titular role in 2022's The Batman.

The Twilight Stars by Their Net Worth

If you're wondering how well-off Robert Pattinson's Twilight co-stars are, here's a list.

2. Kristen Stewart ($70 million)

3. Taylor Lautner ($40 million)

4. Anna Kendrick ($20 million)

5. Michael Sheen ($16 million)

6. Nikki Reed and Dakota Fanning ($12 million)

7. Peter Facinelli and Ashley Greene ($8 million)

8. Jackson Rathbone ($7 million)

9. Billy Burke and Kellan Lutz ($5 million)

10. Booboo Stewart and Christopher Heyerdahl ($4 million)

11. Jamie Campbell Bower and Sarah Clarke ($3 million)

12. Elizabeth Reaser ($2 million)

It's worth giving an honourable mention to Stephenie Meyer, the brain behind the Twilight Saga. The author made several subtle cameo appearances in the films. With her net worth estimated at an astounding $160 million, she technically tops the list. However, it's fair to say Meyer wasn't a star of the films, especially given that most of her cameos weren’t even credited.