Who is Claim to Fame's Monay Related to? 5 Most Plausible Reddit Theories

Who is Claim to Fame's Monay Related to? 5 Most Plausible Reddit Theories
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Redditors are trying to identify Monay.

The second installment of ABC's Claim to Fame has achieved unprecedented popularity for the reality competition genre, even surpassing Season 20 of The Bachelorette and taking its prime spot in the network's schedule.

Hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas, the show has 12 contestants who are related to some A-list stars, and their task is to guess each other's family connections. Of all the people taking part in the competition this season, Monay is the most enigmatic, skillfully concealing her identity and making viewers and the other contestants wonder who her secret celebrity relative might be.

In the three released episodes, we got a few clues about Monay: the star may be her father, an athlete, and an Emmy winner (one of those points is not true); and the other cryptic hints include a fedora, a cloud with a lightning bolt, and a chain choker with a pink lock.

Here are Redditors' best guesses about who Monay is related to.

5. Lionel Richie

One popular theory is that the 25-year-old contestant might be related to the iconic singer and American Idol host. Unfortunately, with the exception of rare photos of Richie in a hat, other clues don't add up.

4. Ne-Yo

Another big fan of fedoras is R&B star Ne-Yo. Unfortunately, he doesn't have Emmys, isn't an athlete, and is unlikely to be Monay's father, as all of his five children are much younger.

3. Al Roker

Since the first episode aired, fans of Claim to Fame have speculated that Monay may be related to journalist and NBC Today anchor Al Roker.

Roker is often seen in public wearing a fedora and has won 13 Emmy Awards. But if he is the famous relative, that means he must be Monay's father, and Roker's only 25-year-old daughter, Leila, doesn't look anything like her.

2. Steve Harvey

Equally popular is the speculation that her father could be Steve Harvey. He is the winner of seven Daytime Emmy Awards, also wears fedoras, and one of the clues — the cloud with a lightning bolt — may refer to his show Steve Harvey's Funderdome.

In addition, the clue found in Episode 3 captured with 'family' may actually belong to Monay, also referring to the show Harvey hosts, Family Feud.

1. J. B. Smoove

Many fans are convinced that Monay's father is in fact J. B. Smoove, a writer and performer on Saturday Night Live, also known for his shows Curb Your Enthusiasm and Mapleworth Murders. For the latter, he won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Actor in 2021.

J. B. Smoove often wears fedoras, and many have noted that he and Monay actually look similar. However, it's unclear how the two other clues, the lighting bolt and the choker with the lock, may relate to the comedian.

More details will be revealed in Episode 4, which airs July 17 at 8 pm ET.

Source: Reddit.