Who Cares about Mandy and Georgie? This Is the Only Spin-Off Young Sheldon Needs

Who Cares about Mandy and Georgie? This Is the Only Spin-Off Young Sheldon Needs
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This character would definitely have a fascinating story to tell.


  • Right now, Young Sheldon fans are not excited about the Georgie and Mandy spin-off.
  • There's a character on the show whose story would be much more interesting to follow.
  • It would probably have the same vibe as Young Sheldon.

In anticipation of Young Sheldon's seventh season, fans of the TBBT prequel were delighted by the news of a new spin-off that would focus on Georgie and Mandy as they were about to embark on the journey of their then-upcoming marriage. While the two characters were (and still are) far from fan favorites, their dynamic provided a lot of comic relief for viewers in Season 6. It was also a nice realization that YS would live on in the form of its own spin-off.

However, when Season 7 of Young Sheldon premiered and proved to be more focused on Georgie and Mandy than on the title character and the other more popular Coopers, many fans expressed their disdain for the couple. As a result, it is not clear at this point whether anyone is actually looking forward to the announced show. But there is one spin-off idea that would definitely attract a large audience.

The Fate of the Other Genius Child

Throughout the twelve seasons of The Big Bang Theory and the seven seasons of Young Sheldon, there have been few characters who can outsmart Shelly. But while they're rare, they're not completely extinct – at least not on YS.

Since Season 2 of the spin-off, Sheldon has had a rival/nemesis/friend in Paige Swanson, a girl who is as smart as Shelly, if not smarter, and who also has good social skills and emotional intelligence. Because of her ability to experience the world emotionally, Paige was really affected by her loneliness, as no one seemed to understand her, and her parents' divorce. So much so that her character arc is still considered one of the most dramatic on the show. Of course, it would be nice to know what has become of Paige these days.

Young Sheldon's Legacy

The main difference between Young Sheldon and TBBT, and the spin-off's biggest advantage, is that it has a dramatic element that adds depth and nuance to the plot. The Georgie and Mandy-centric spin-off, on the other hand, is said to be a multicamera sitcom just like the original show, which means that the new spin-off will have little in common with YS.

Given the drama that follows Paige in her life, a spin-off about her would have the same vibe as Young Sheldon: lots of laughs with a good sprinkling of heartbreaking drama. Most importantly, she hasn't appeared in Season 7 of YS, leaving many fans wondering what happened to her. And that's exactly the question her own show could answer.

Would you watch a spin-off about Paige?