What's the Best Modern Family Episode? The Sitcom's Star Knows the Answer

What's the Best Modern Family Episode? The Sitcom's Star Knows the Answer
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She's not wrong, though, as the episode has an 8.4 score on IMDb.


  • Modern Family is still very popular with viewers.
  • It's a tall order to pick the best episode out of the show's 250.
  • The star of the sitcom says there's one episode that the entire cast favors.
  • That episode is the epitome of Modern Family.

As soon as it premiered, Modern Family became one of the most popular shows on TV, with hordes of fans all over the world. It's no surprise, as the sitcom's mockumentary format was bound to succeed. It was the heyday of the subgenre, with shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation being the talk of the town.

As a result, Modern Family quickly gained traction with audiences and ran for a whopping eleven seasons, revolving around the Pritchett-Dunphy family and chronicling their trials and triumphs. During its eleven-year run on ABC, the sitcom ran for two hundred and fifty episodes, a feat few modern shows have accomplished. Of course, picking the best episode out of that many is nearly impossible. Fortunately, MF's star has a perfect suggestion.

The Episode Universally Adored by the Modern Family Cast

It's been almost four years since Modern Family went off the air, but it remains one of the most popular contemporary sitcoms. Needless to say, fans crave the show every now and then. And while it's hard to binge all eleven seasons, there is a single episode that can give you the perfect taste of MF.

'There's one that we as co-stars always remember when we are together,' Sofia Vergara, who portrayed Ed O'Neill's on-screen wife Gloria, revealed in a recent interview.

'It was… I think it was in the second season [that] we did a Halloween episode and it was all in the Dunphys' house. We all had costumes and for some reason we couldn't get it together. I mean, Ed O'Neill was dressed as a gargoyle, I was a witch, so we would ruin [the scene]. The producers and the director wanted to kill us because we could not hold it together. We would laugh. We couldn't do a scene looking at Ed's freaking dress of the gargoyle. It was, like, crazy.'


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Indeed, the sixth episode of the second season provides one of the best impressions of the entire Modern Family. As Claire meticulously organizes a scare show at her house, she has a meltdown when the rest of the family is too distracted by their own problems to pull off the task perfectly. Meanwhile, the other Pritchett-Dunphys deal with their own conflicts and issues while trying to help Claire. The episode is full of family dynamics and hilarity, sprinkled with juicy drama.

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