What's Next for Amber Heard After Johnny Depp Scandal? B-List Horror Movie, Apparently

What's Next for Amber Heard After Johnny Depp Scandal? B-List Horror Movie, Apparently
Image credit: Saban Films

Intriguing New B-Horror Starring Amber Heard.

The divorce between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp was finalized in December 2022, and die-hard fans of the latter hoped this would signal the end of Heard's acting career. However, following the completion of the second installment of Aquaman, in which Heard starred opposite Jason Momoa amidst her divorce proceedings, she promptly embarked on a new project.

Though the upcoming movie featuring her is not a potential big-budget Hollywood blockbuster, it will surely appeal to all mystical suspense fans. Let's delve into the B-horror film that Amber Heard has starred in.


The Italian-American movie is titled In the Fire. On September 20, Saban Films, the production company behind the flick, released a trailer. Judging from it, it looks like a deeply tense period piece infused with elements of mysticism, drama, and ideological clashes.

In the Fire centers on a New York psychiatrist (Amber Heard) in the late 19th century, when William James was establishing the philosophical boundaries of science and Sigmund Freud was publishing his pioneering monographs, heralding the advent of psychoanalysis. The protagonist travels to the Colombian countryside to treat a boy (Lorenzo McGovern) with mysterious supernatural powers.

However, science collides with religion when the locals, led by a Jesuit priest (Yari Gugliucci), conclude that the child is the Antichrist. As a result, Heard's character must not only decipher the boy's enigmatic abilities but also confront an angry mob convinced they must eradicate the source of evil.

Director’s Perspective

For some, Amber's involvement in the new project might be contentious, but director Conor Allin says her acting skills and approach were an absolute delight to work with.

'She was a star who was amazing in front of the camera but also was a partner in crime behind the camera. Once we started shooting, it was from day one a comfort blanket to have her there. I knew I could point the camera at her, and I would get something good,' the director shared in June during the Taormina Film Festival, where the movie was screened for the first time.

In the Fire is set to premiere in the United States on October 13, 2023. An excellent choice for Halloween night!

Source: Variety.

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