We Finally Have a Perfect Explanation How Snape Played Voldemort For Years

We Finally Have a Perfect Explanation How Snape Played Voldemort For Years
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Once again hailing Snape as a true hero in the Wizarding World.

Despite the original Harry Potter series being long over, the Wizarding World still lives on through the love and enthusiasm of its dedicated fans. A past-time long loved by the fans of the boy wizard is diving deep into the rabbit hole of Harry Potter theories. These theories range from figuring out plot holes, to what-if scenarios of what the characters' futures might look like outside of the information already given.

A favourite subject of fan debate and theories however, is Severus Snape.

Snape's secret

Ever wondered how our favorite double agent, Severus Snape, managed to pull the wool over Voldemort's eyes for all those years? We have the perfect explanation.

Snape was a master of Occlumency, but let's not forget, Voldemort himself was a formidable Legilimens, a mind reader who could get deep in the mind of anyone around them. So how did Snape's talent hold up against that of the Dark Lord's?

Snape wasn't just an Occlumens, he was an Occlumency genius, so talented that he even tried to pass on his knowledge to Harry Potter himself. Those lessons didn't exactly go as planned, but Snape's skill can't be denied. He was Voldemort's right-hand man for years, all the while serving as Dumbledore's secret agent, so how did Snape protect his mind against the most powerful Legilimens in the Harry Potter universe? Did Voldemort trust Snape so much that he never pried into the Hogwarts teacher's mind?

No, trust wasn't Voldemort's style, Snape knew it was inevitable he would be read by Voldemort. So, instead of trying to keep Voldemort out of his mind, Snape went for a different approach. He let Voldemort in but made sure some essential details were locked away.

Snape never actually lied to Voldemort

Throughout all seven books and eight movies, Snape played a risky game of hide-and-seek with the truth. He didn't lie; he simply omitted certain facts that he knew would cause trouble in his double life. Like when Voldemort returned and Snape didn't show up? Snape genuinely thought Voldemort was dead. He was also serving Dumbledore, but that part of the truth was kept hidden. Or when Snape stopped Quirrell from getting the Philosopher's Stone - he let Voldemort see the truth that everyone thought Quirrel was the one in the wrong, without divulging any information about staff discussing Voldemort's potentially being involved.

By giving Voldemort a steady trickle of half-truths and carefully concealed facts, Snape managed to keep his secret and remain Voldemort's closest ally for years without raising any suspicion. Hogwarts might as well award him a posthumous medal for being the greatest spy in Wizarding history.

Was Snape good or bad to the core?