Virgin River Fans Are Dead Set Against This Boring Book Plot

Virgin River Fans Are Dead Set Against This Boring Book Plot
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It's a rare case of the screen adaptation outdoing the book.


  • Virgin River fans can't wrap their heads around one specific relationship.
  • The show's love triangle has been a source of distress for many viewers.
  • The audience doesn't want the show to follow the book canon.

Since its premiere in 2019, Virgin River has become one of Netflix's flagship series, drawing in millions of fans from all over the world. Arguably, it's the romance drama's portrayal of various relationships that has resonated so well with the audience. From the central love story of Mel and Jack to the somewhat chaotic affair between Hope and Doc, VR has many relationship arcs to choose from.

Fortunately, Robyn Carr's eponymous book series offers ample material to adapt into fascinating on-screen romances. In fact, unlike the Netflix show, the novels aren't particularly focused on Melinda and Jack's relationship, but rather explore the rest of the characters and their love lives in more detail. Still, there is one romantic storyline that fans feel has no place in Virgin River.

Virgin River's Love Triangle

Since her debut on the show in Season 3, Brie Sheridan, Jack's younger sister, has been one of the main fan favorites. Her kindness and mild demeanor, combined with her inner strength, instantly won over the audience. More importantly, she also captured the hearts of several characters, including Virgin River's bad boy, Dan Brady, and Jack's friend, the town detective, Mike Valenzuela.

In Carr's books, Brie and Dan hit it off and progressed as a passionate couple until things eventually grew cold between them and Sheridan's sister left the Virgin River troublemaker for Mike. On the show, however, Brie and Brady's romance was so passionate and heartfelt that many fans didn't want to see them part ways.

Fans Advocate for Divergence from the Book Canon

Naturally, when the two characters finally split up in Season 5, many viewers were upset. Moreover, some viewers feel that the writers neglected the entire love story they built between Brie and Brady in order to make the plot consistent with the novels.

'I want Brie and Brady to get back together. But I'm not happy with how she suddenly left him. They were supposed to be in love. Everything was hot and heavy and then in an instant she changed her mind. Not cool,' one Redditor wrote.

Ultimately, the lack of logic behind the characters' breakup is the most irritating thing about it.

'They [Brie and Brady] looked good together, he's been there for her and she's been there for him, he was trying to protect her if he hadn't, who knows what would've happened,' another Reddit user referenced the two characters' swoon-worthy rapport.

Hopefully, the Christmas episodes set to premiere on 30th November will shed some light on the future of Brie and Dan's relationship.

Source: Reddit.