Viktor Krum Was The Biggest Casting Fail in Harry Potter, According to Reddit

Viktor Krum Was The Biggest Casting Fail in Harry Potter, According to Reddit
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The Harry Potter franchise was famous for its impeccable casting, but according to many fans, one casting decision was a total failure.

J. K. Rowling's universe of teenage wizards and profound mysteries featured a lot of compelling characters, from the protagonist, Harry Potter, to various underrated but masterfully developed parts like Luna Lovegood. So, when Warner Bros. began auditioning actors for the roles, many fans of the original books eagerly waited to see whether the Hollywood producers would choose the right actors.

At first glance, everything went very well, with Daniel Radcliffe and the other performers becoming synonymous with the characters they played. But, some fans have since pointed to one notable exception.

When talking about the issues with the Harry Potter screen adaptations on Reddit, people universally agree on one thing: Stanislav Ianevski was hopelessly miscast as Victor Krum, the Bulgarian Quidditch champion and Hermione's love interest.

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On the surface, Stanislav's bulky build perfectly matched his character's raw masculinity. And he did a great job portraying a jock and making millions of fans instantly fall in love with him. The problem is that anyone who has read the source material will tell you that his version of Krum was a far cry from how Rowling describes the character in her books.

Rowling's Krum is duck-footed and bird-like, and thus hardly a jock that girls would be swooning over just for his looks. In other words, he's nothing like the macho Krum we see in the movies.

Fans say that when they were reading the books, they imagined someone like Adrien Brody, a nerdy kid with a big nose, a thin face and deep-set eyes. But Warner Bros decided to cast somebody completely different.

But did this casting decision really ruin Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? Most fans don't think so, arguing that Krum's macho looks and jock demeanour made Hermione's romantic interest in him and Ron Weasley's jealousy much more believable. Finding the right actors for screen adaptations is always challenging, but the studio made the character work by completely reimagining him.