Vampire Diaries' Caroline Deserved Better: More Storylines, Less Love Interests

Image credit: The CW

It seems that one of the show's most beloved characters has been treated with no respect by the writers.

The CW's romantic series about the lives of vampires who try to keep their emotions alive and save the world has often been criticized for focusing more on romantic pairings rather than on action sequences and interesting storylines.

And while for the most part fans didn't mind this at all, as the creators managed to maintain a perfect balance between love life and character development, one vampire in particular was not given enough attention by the writers – Caroline.

Caroline started out as the typical insecure, mean girl, every decision she made just showed how superficial and narcissistic she was. But that all changed when Caroline became a vampire, and this storyline is still considered one of the best in the history of The Vampire Diaries. Seeing Caroline overcome her bloodlust and learn to control it was extremely satisfying for fans, and they all looked forward to new story arcs for her to further develop her character.

But those never came, as Caroline found herself in an endless loop of romantic relationships.

Fans are still furious that Caroline has been stripped of her own storylines and was constantly inserted in other character’s romantic arcs. Over the years Caroline has dated Matt, slept with Klaus, fallen in love with Tyler, had twins with Alaric and eventually married Stefan. And that's pretty much all she did throughout the series, never having a single storyline focused on her.

Fans are furious, claiming that the writers' decision to make Caroline a constant focus of romantic attention has pretty much ruined her character.

Of course, other female characters were treated in exactly the same way, as their once promising storylines turned into boring romantic arcs. At least all of Caroline's endeavors were beautifully crafted and well-written. Only if the same attention had been given to her character development, Caroline could have been a much more interesting character.