Unpopular Bridgerton Season 3 Opinion: Cressida Didn't Deserve Her Fate

Unpopular Bridgerton Season 3 Opinion: Cressida Didn't Deserve Her Fate
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Miss Cowper's actions can be understood and explained.


  • Eloise and Cressida's friendship was one of the most intriguing storylines of Season 3.
  • Cressida's claim to be Lady Whistledown wasn't meant to hurt the protagonists.
  • Eloise wasn't there to help her new friend avoid making more mistakes.

When Netflix released the Season 3 trailer for Bridgerton in early April, fans were both excited and confused. The excitement stemmed largely from the fact that it had been two years since the release of the previous season of the hit romantic drama and that the third installment would delve into the long-awaited love story of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton. The confusion was caused by what was shown in the trailer. And arguably the most surprising thing about it was Eloise and Cressida's friendship.

There were many theories about their relationship, the biggest of which was that Eloise befriended Cressida to spite Penelope. However, the unlikely friendship turned out to be genuine, and Eloise and Cressida's entire storyline was very heartwarming, as they really helped each other grow and had an affection for each other that didn't waver when Lord Cowper forbade his daughter to see 'that Bridgerton girl'.

Thanks to this subplot, Cressida was humanized. And yet it came crashing down in the middle of Season 3, and Cressida faced a serious comeuppance for her actions that may have seemed well-deserved, but wasn't. And here's why.

Cressida Had No Intention to Hurt Anyone

When Cressida claimed to be Lady Whistledown, setting off all the excitement in Part 2 of Season 3, she didn't want to hurt or disappoint anyone - especially Eloise. Cressida was desperate to escape a marriage to a man seemingly four times her age and a family that weighed heavily on her.

Inspired by the Ton's talk that no one would ever want to marry whoever was behind Whistledown, and the Queen's offer of five thousand pounds for revealing the identity of the scribe, Cressida saw this as the perfect opportunity to start her life over and gain the respect she never had at home. What's even more heartbreaking is that Eloise, who knew the true identity of Lady Whistledown and Cressida's dire situation, simply pretended to be hurt by Cowper's false revelation and abandoned her friend.

Sure, Cressida went on to bash the Bridgertons in her edition of Lady Whistledown, but it was really her mother who wrote those terrible things, and Cressida herself was deeply sorry for hurting Eloise's family.

And yes, Cressida did try to extort money from Penelope when she learned the true identity of Lady Whistledown, but it was out of growing desperation, exacerbated by the fact that Eloise was nowhere near to lend her a helping hand. And Cressida ended up in exile in Wales, abandoned by her family, the Ton and, most importantly, her only friend Eloise, who could have nipped the whole situation in the bud. Seems unfair, doesn't it?

After seeing Eloise and Penelope's and Eloise and Cressida's arcs in Season 3, do you think Eloise is a bad friend?