TV Director Spills on James Corden's Unforgettable (and Not in a Good Way) Experience

TV Director Spills on James Corden's Unforgettable (and Not in a Good Way) Experience
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A famous actor, comedian, and TV host, James Corden is a very popular TV personality, without a doubt.

His recently-finished stint on The Late Late Show, which ran from 2015 to 2023, was just another high point in his long and illustrious career.

As a presenter and talk show host, Corden has been nominated for 22 Primetime Emmy Awards, winning nine.

Unfortunately, he also happens to be one of those celebrities who let fame and success get to their heads. Craig Duncan, a British TV director who once collaborated with Corden on the sports-based panel show A League Of Their Own, is not by far the first person to complain about Corden's behavior on set and elsewhere — but his description is especially colorful. Craig considers the experience of working with Corden unforgettable, and not in a good way.

As Duncan revealed in a YouTube clip, Corden was 'the most difficult and obnoxious presenter' he has ever worked with. What did Corden do to earn this title from the experienced TV and documentary filmmaker?

Well, to start with, he clearly looked down on his scriptwriters and everyone else on the set. But that's not uncommon for stars, you may say — so was there anything especially obnoxious?

Yes, the director recalls that Corden showed up on the set 45 minutes late, and after that, he had the gall to tell Duncan how to do his job. The director says that, when he applied for the job, he was asked if he could work with difficult presenters — but the sort of behavior Corden engaged in was simply too much to handle.

'Cheers, James, you got your way!' Duncan said, concluding his story. 'Well done for treading all over my toes, I don't care, I'll get paid at the end of the day, and I hope I never ever work with you again!'

Of course, the director might be exaggerating a bit, but we also know that Craig Corden does have a long-standing reputation as an arrogant and unlikeable prick with a fake nice-guy public persona.

On the Internet, you can find numerous accounts to prove that Corden is actually one of the worst people in Hollywood, and here's just one example. So Craig Duncan isn't really making some sort of a shocking revelation about James Corden — he's just adding details to the picture we already have.