True Detective: Night Country's Mysterious Ending Explained

True Detective: Night Country's Mysterious Ending Explained
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The show's star and creator have weighed in on the season 4 finale.


  • True Detective: Night Country's ending left many viewers confused.
  • Many were left wondering what happened to Trooper Navarro after the research station case was closed.
  • The creator of the season wanted viewers to have those questions.
  • The Night Country star believes her character is in a better place, however you interpret it.

True Detective, which premiered in early 2014, wrapped its fourth season just a few days ago, reminding audiences that it's a television masterpiece. Season 4 of the anthology series followed Jodie Foster's Chief Liz Danvers and Kali Reis' Trooper Evangeline Navarro as they investigated the mysterious disappearance and subsequent deaths of eight scientists from the Tsalal Research Station in Alaska.

As the two characters work to solve the case, they stumble upon old unsolved crimes that turn out to be connected to the disappearance. Step by step, Danvers and Reis were able to uncover the truth and correct their old mistakes, answering all of our questions about the case. The ending of Season 4, however, remains rather oblique. Fortunately, the creator and star of the season have given their thoughts on the finale.

What Happened to Trooper Navarro?

When Danvers and Navarro solved (or, rather, dismissed) the case, Season 4 wasn't done exploring the characters' lives. And while it was pretty clear what Liz Danvers was up to, Evangeline's fate was unknown, as she seemed to have disappeared from the city altogether.

What do you think happened to Evangeline Navarro?

Naturally, many viewers have speculated about Navarro's arc, with many believing that she may have died or even become a ghost. And apparently, that's exactly the effect the creator of Night Country wanted the season to have on viewers.

'I'm not saying that she's alive, and I'm certainly not saying that she's dead. I very carefully crafted this as an ink block test for you to discover yourself as an audience member,' said Issa López, who wrote and directed season 4 of True Detective, in a recent interview.

The Director's Vision

According to Issa López, Navarro expressed her desire to leave the city and everything behind at the beginning of the season, so her sudden disappearance shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to the audience. However, Season 4 also explores the character's connection to the spirit realm.

So viewers can interpret the ending as both logical and mysterious. The important thing is that Evangeline finally got what she wanted – closure.

The Actress' Vision

Kali Reis, on the other hand, can't say for sure whether her character is still alive or with the spirits. The Night Country star thinks it could be either way, but she believes Navarro has simply moved on with her life after years of struggle in Ennis.

'I like to think that regardless of her decision to walk into the ice like her sister does, I don't think she does that. I think she just goes off into a place where she can be herself without any responsibilities,' the actress shared in an interview.

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