This Mission Impossible 7 Scene Left Crew in Absolute Terror: What Did Tom Cruise Do?

This Mission Impossible 7 Scene Left Crew in Absolute Terror: What Did Tom Cruise Do?
Image credit: Legion-Media

From the very beginning of the Mission Impossible franchise, Tom Cruise has been known for including his daring stunts.

And as the series progressed, his death-defying feats have become only more intense, leaving audiences in awe and raising the bar ever higher.

Now for the latest Mission Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One, we see that Cruise's latest stunt may be his most dangerous yet.

'One of the Most Dangerous Sports in the World'

In a behind-the-scenes promo video that feels as intense as watching the movie itself, the crew and Tom Cruise himself discuss one of the most dangerous scenes in the latest film, which shows the action star speed-flying down a mountainside. To further build the tension, director Christopher McQuarrie describes speed flying as 'one of the most dangerous sports in the world,' and he certainly isn't wrong.

The flight stunt coordinator Jon Devor explains this thrilling activity as using a 'very small canopy, racing down the mountain, just feet off the ground.' McQuarrie nervously admits that '[unpredictable] cross-winds could put Tom in peril.' Of course, such a daring scene attempted by Cruise is just another evolution of the dangerous stunts the actor has achieved in his already impressive repertoire.

Preparing for the Stunt

Cruise and his team underwent extensive preparation for the dangerous speed-flying stunt to ensure the crew's safety and himself. Admitting that they have been training for this for a few years already, it's clear that there had been hopes to include this scene for a while.

Filming took place among the picturesque high peaks of the Lake District in the UK. Cruise is seen on the day coordinating with a skilled film crew, patiently waiting for the weather to improve before attempting the scene. At one point, he even shut down production due to weather concerns, emphasizing the priority of safety throughout the process.

The dedication and training put into this one scene alone demonstrate the risk involved in achieving this stunt in particular. Cruise has accomplished some daring feats over the franchise, but this one feels like the most ambitious yet.

Overcoming Filming Challenges

According to McQuarrie, filming the elaborate speed-flying stunt presented unique challenges for him and his crew. Traditional methods using helicopters or drones were not feasible for capturing the action. Therefore, they had to rely on something more innovative.

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A unique gimbal system was developed and attached to other speed flyers who followed Cruise during the scene. The cameras were then controlled by a helicopter flying overhead, ensuring that every thrilling moment was captured on film with the precision and artistry the stunt deserved.

The promo video concludes with the anticipation building as Cruise prepares to launch off the mountain and initiate the scene. Teasing shots of the action star engaged in the extreme action sequence provides a brief glimpse of the excitement we can expect from Mission Impossible 7. Dead Reckoning Part One hits theaters on July 12th, delivering more of the signature jaw-dropping action that Tom Cruise has provided time and time again.