This Is The Hardest MCU Infinity Saga Trivia Quiz You'll Ever Take

This Is The Hardest MCU Infinity Saga Trivia Quiz You'll Ever Take
Image credit: Legion-Media

So you think you're an MCU superfan, huh?

Watched all the movies, maybe even read some comics? That's great and all. But prepare yourself, because this is the hardest MCU Infinity Saga trivia quiz you'll ever take.

This isn't for the casual fans who just know Tony Stark's one-liners or the folks who watched "Endgame" and called it a day.

Oh no, this is the big leagues.

You see, the Infinity Saga isn't just about superheroes in cool suits; it's a vast universe that spans galaxies, dimensions, and time periods. You've got to know your Asgardians from your Xandarians, your Infinity Stones from your Sokovia Accords. Remember how many post-credit scenes there were in "Doctor Strange"? Or the look on Thanos' face when – well, let's not get into spoilers here. The point is, the details matter.

Look, we're not saying you've got to be a walking MCU encyclopedia, but it sure would help. From Phase One all the way through to the epic conclusion, this quiz will test the depth and breadth of your Marvel knowledge. We're talking obscure characters, forgotten plotlines, and even some behind-the-scenes tidbits.

So put on your thinking cap – or your Star-Lord helmet, whatever floats your boat – and let's get down to business. Will you rise to the occasion like Captain America wielding Mjolnir, or will you crumble under the weight of your own hubris, a la Tony Stark in "Age of Ultron"? Only one way to find out.