This Iconic Scene Led to Breaking Bad's Biggest Misconception

This Iconic Scene Led to Breaking Bad's Biggest Misconception
Image credit: AMC

Did Gus have kids or not?

Breaking Bad is widely considered one of the most popular shows ever and frequently appears on 'Best of…' lists. One of its biggest strengths was the depth of its characters, who were compelling and relatable in equal measure.

Gustavo Fring, the calculating, intriguing, and multi-layered drug baron, is a prime example of strong characterization. So much so that, all these years later, there are still things we don't really know about him.

Things May Not Be Quite As They Seem

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to Breaking Bad is that Gus was the father of young children. It's easy to see how this rumor came about; all you have to do is rewatch the scene in which Walt visits Gus as his home.

The first thing you see when you watch the scene is that Gus' place is a family-sized house. And if you look closely, there is a toy car on the floor in the corner of what appears to be the dining room.

After inviting Walt in, Gus explains that he's making a fish soup and suggests his guest can help. While doing so, he says, 'This is a Chilean dish which I love, but I never get to make it. Kids won't eat it.'

What's significant here is that he doesn't say 'my kids' or 'the kids,' just 'kids' won't eat the stew. On the one hand, this is just the way people talk. Dropping the occasional word without disrupting the sentence is common in everyday speech.

So, it's easy to see why people took this passing comment at face value. But let's take a moment to consider the character of Gustavo Fring. He is a man whose every word and move are carefully calculated. Nothing he does or says can really be taken at face value.

How Trustworthy Is Gus?

Now, think about the purpose of Walt's visit. He hadn't been expecting the call and didn't really know anything about Gus. The invite put Gus in a position of dominance. Walt couldn't really say no. He had to play to Gus' tune.

Gus was also keen to mention that his mother used to make the fish stew and how it reminded him of his childhood. Add in a few toys scattered around on the floor and a nonchalant mention of kids, and you could almost believe Gus was just a regular guy.

Whatever his motivation, one thing we can be sure of is that this was more than it was made out to be. Did Gus just want to show he had the upper hand in this arrangement? Or was he trying to lull his business partner into underestimating him?

Of course, there's always the possibility that he is just a father. Or that it's not even his house. The truth is, no scenario can be ruled out. Neither can anything be confirmed. And that's the genius of the character.