This Disturbing Season 1 Flaw Makes You Wonder How Bridgerton Ever Became Popular

This Disturbing Season 1 Flaw Makes You Wonder How Bridgerton Ever Became Popular
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The central romance of the first season was really off-putting.


  • Bridgerton's romantic leads are responsible for the popularity of each season.
  • Daphne and Simon's romance lacked substance.
  • His character was not likable enough to warrant an entire season.

Since its premiere in 2020, Bridgerton has become one of the most popular shows on Netflix because of its likable and charismatic characters and exciting romances.

For example, the current love story of Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington has been captivating fans for years, as it's been in the making for three seasons of the show. Season 2's romantic leads, Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma, also endeared themselves to many fans.

Compared to them, Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset, the central duo of Season 1, seem rather boring. In fact, Simon is so off-putting that it is a miracle that Bridgerton got enough traction to get past the first installment.

The Introduction of Simon

Duke Simon Basset, portrayed by Regé-Jean Page, was the ultimate heartthrob of Season 1. A friend of Anthony Bridgerton from Oxford, Simon returned to London after his father's death, only to be dragged to one of Lady Danbury's balls. There he met Daphne, whom he took a liking to, even though he didn't want to socialize at all.

Daphne and Simon's relationship progressed rather quickly and was full of lust and desire, making Season 1 of Bridgerton the steamiest and giving the show its fame. But if you think about the romance again, you inevitably see how flawed and unpleasant the Duke is.

Duke Simon Basset the Worst

Simon Basset was arrogant and cruel. He was emotionally unstable and had constant mood swings that would turn him from an impassive robot into a raging demon. To add insult to injury, he was quite mendacious and often lied about himself.

Sure, Simon had a troubled childhood and his relationship with his father left a lot to be desired, but he seems to have too many unresolved issues and traumas to be likable. His stubborn refusal to have children to get back at his father is particularly perverse and both somewhat sadistic and self-denigrating.

As for Simon and Daphne, there was no chemistry between them, largely due to his inaccessibility. Daphne and Prince Frederick, whom she was to marry by Queen Charlotte's arrangement, had more in common and would have made a more wholesome couple. But alas, Bridgerton needs drama, and Simon's botched character seems to have provided it in spades.

Part 2 of Bridgerton's third season premieres June 13.

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