This Below Deck Season is the Clear Fan Favorite, and Here's Why

Image credit: Bravo TV

Below Deck has been around for ten seasons, but fans claim the best season came early in the show.

Since its premiere in 2013, Bravo's reality show featuring a superyacht crew has become a fan favourite. Each new season brings new luxury yachts and new crew members, including popular figures like Captain Lee Rosbach, who have appeared in multiple seasons. As viewership figures continued to rise with each passing episode, it was clear that Bravo was onto something special.

With season 10 of Below Deck currently underway, fans can't help but wonder which season stands out as the show's crowning achievement.

In their online discussions, fans unanimously concluded that the show's gone downhill after season 4 and that all the seasons after that have come across as somewhat superficial and subpar. However, most don't even think that season four was the best; for them, the show peaked in season 3.

In season three, everything seemed to be perfect from the very beginning: the luxurious superyacht Eros, the superb crew with captain Lee Rosbach at the helm. And on top of that, the crew also had great chemistry. People still remember Eddie Lucas and Rocky Dakota's onboard romance, which was dramatic and absurd in equal measure.

It was as if people were willing to be themselves on camera, leading to many great unscripted moments.

People will forever remember the galley fire that almost destroyed the yacht. After that incident, fans were convinced that the season was unscripted and that the characters were living their lives on camera rather than saying their lines.

By contrast, the consensus is that in recent years, Below Deck has turned into a boring, meticulously coordinated affair in which hardly anybody ever goes off-script. The early seasons had a sense of things constantly going wrong, and people loved that about them.

Redditors clearly miss the feel and atmosphere of Below Deck's early seasons and consider season three the show's crown achievement.