The Whole 'Settling Down' Thing in OFMD Finale Won't Work in Season 3

The Whole 'Settling Down' Thing in OFMD Finale Won't Work in Season 3
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Stede and Ed's romantic story has three acts to it.


  • In the OFMD season 2 finale, Stede and Ed give up piracy to open an inn together
  • However, their journey is not over
  • Creator David Jenkins promises to delve deeper into the next phase of their relationship
  • Settling down doesn't convincingly conclude Ed and Stede's journey
  • The pirates love adventure too much to find happiness in a quiet life

Our Flag Means Death (OFMD) Season 2 culminated in a poignant resolution. The Revenge crew lost three of its pivotal members. Izzy's tragic death at the hands of the noseless Prince Ricky Banes left fans shattered. In contrast, Stede Bonnet and Ed Teach seemingly found their idyllic ending, settling on the island where Izzy rests to open an inn.

But does this ending do our cherished pirate couple justice? We don't think so. This newfound domesticity warrants exploration. Thankfully, that's what the showrunner intends to address, given the chance.

The Story Needs a Third Chapter

Although Max hasn't officially approved another season for OFMD, David Jenkins, the show's creator, envisioned a more extended narrative, one that spans three acts.

‘I have plans for season three,’ Jenkins recently told Inverse. ‘But season three would be the last season.’

In an interview with TheWrap, Jenkins detailed his vision, explaining that the three intended seasons encapsulate the evolving relationship between Stede and Ed. While Season 1 explored budding infatuations, Season 2 dealt with the more mature phase of self-aware yearning for one's dream companion.

‘You’re watching Steve come into his own as a pirate and Blackbeard says, “I don’t know that I want to do this anymore,”’ Jenkins said. ‘That’s a more mature conversation, than, “Are we going to run away to China?”’

However, there's room for further evolution in the characters and their bond. Thus, the end of Season 2 is merely a milestone, not the finale.

Settling Down Is A Growth Point For Stede And Ed

If OFMD is renewed for Season 3, the narrative will pivot toward a more realistic portrayal of the beloved pirates' relationship. With their quest for love accomplished, they're united. But now the lingering question is whether a quiet life is what the pirates really want.

Opening an inn together offers an ideal setting for navigating this phase and showcasing the inevitable conflicts and dilemmas all couples face when they move in together. But if Season 2 has taught us anything, domesticity is not a pirate's cup of tea.

Consider the subplots involving Mary Read and Anne Bonny. Or Ed's failed stint as a fisherman. These vignettes suggest that as Stede and Ed venture deeper into their bond, embracing each other's nuances and eccentricities is essential. This acceptance will inevitably prompt them to leave their inn behind and pursue adventures that resonate with who they really are.

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