The Voice Season 22 Was One of the Worst Ones Yet: Here's Why

Image credit: NBC

The Voice has been on the air since 2011, with new seasons releasing each year, fans occasionally wonder whether the project passed its peak.

According to Redditors, season 22 hardly deserves praise. Many are convinced that it leaves much to be desired.

First of all, users are concerned about sound issues and the quality of the performances. It turns out that some artists sang off-key and literally missed their notes.

These performances, certainly, grated on sophisticated fans’ ears. Some are surprised that coaches, as true professionals in their field, didn’t notice this problem. However, it can be assumed that this is due to the broadcast or recording. Sound equipment issues can really be relevant since the scale of the show is constantly growing which requires all specialists to work at the highest level.

The voting results were another aspect that upset devoted fans. According to some Redditors, the artists who performed better didn’t get far, but less capable vocalists were able to push ahead.

Many believe that season 22 isn’t particularly bad, but it is inferior to earlier seasons. Fans simply have something to compare with, and, eventually, they draw disappointing conclusions.

However, the new seasons cannot always be better than the previous ones; some manage to please the audience, some seem less exciting, and there can be a lot of factors to this.

There is also another thing to consider.

Many users believe that the blind auditions were marked by interesting performances and perfect sound, but the closer to the final, the worse was the quality.

Redditors suggest that at this stage artists have less time to prepare and rehearse, so the quality of their singing suffers since vocalists also have to practice choreography and work with backup singers which is necessary for a professional and attention-grabbing show, but requires a lot of time and effort. Thus, probably, high-quality vocal performances gradually take a back seat.

Most of the fans' complaints about season 22 are related to singing and sound quality, but voting results have also been weird which, however, is more to do with personal tastes.

Some fans haven't been impressed with the vocals since the blinds, and making comparisons with the previous seasons has reinforced Redditors' belief that they are 100% right to be upset about it.