The Voice Fans Have a Big Problem With Season 23 Already

The Voice Fans Have a Big Problem With Season 23 Already
Image credit: NBC

Fans are expressing disappointment with the current season of The Voice.

Since its debut in 2011, NBC's The Voice has consistently dominated as the top reality singing competition. However, in recent years, the show's ratings have taken a hit as fans have noticed a shift in focus from the contestants to the judges.

While NBC tried to address this issue in Season 23 by introducing new judges, Chance the Rapper and Niall Horan, fans are still feeling let down and here's why.

Season 23 premiered in early March and is already drawing to a close, much to fans' dismay.

Viewers accuse NBC of rushing the current season, depriving them of the opportunity to fully appreciate the new judges, enjoy fresh performances, and bid farewell to Blake Shelton.

With the blind auditions over in a flash, smaller teams picked by the judges, and the introduction of playoff passes, the season seems to be progressing at breakneck speed. But what's the reason behind this?

Some fans speculate that NBC's scheduling is the culprit.

The network had previously announced that instead of airing two seasons every year, it would now be releasing one season per year, only to reinstate the spring season later.

Fans believe that the lacklustre performance of the American Song Contest forced NBC to offer viewers something more engaging this spring, leading to a hastily conceived Season 23, which led to a deterioration in quality.

Nevertheless, viewers still love the new judges, particularly Chance, who demonstrates a genuine commitment to mentoring and coaching his singers. Fans are hopeful that upcoming episodes will surpass the blind auditions in quality, as all the judges have assembled impressive teams. Once the season concludes, The Voice is expected to embark on a new chapter in a bid to win back fans and critics.