The Vampire Diaries Fans Still Can't Stand This Katherine Storyline

Image credit: The CW

The main antagonist of the supernatural drama had one rather silly storyline.

The CW's supernatural series about the romantic lives of vampires, witches and supernatural beasts was a hit during its run, garnering millions of fans eager to learn about new adventures of their beloved characters. Although the main focus of the series has been on the romantic side of things, interesting mystery plots have always been very important to The Vampire Diaries.

Although many of the bad guys shown in the series were quite believable and even frightening, one of the main villains struggled with her storylines, especially at the end of the series.

We are talking about Katerina Petrova (ex-Elena Gilbert), the ancient witch who haunts the heroes throughout the series.

Although she was quite interesting during the first two seasons, when her origin story was revealed, fans quickly grew tired of her. So when the girl came back from the dead to deal with her enemies once and for all, people were already rolling their eyes with boredom. Even so many years after The Vampire Diaries ended, fans still don't understand how the whole Queen of Hell storyline came to be, considering how hilariously dumb it is.

The fact is that after Katerina died and was sent to hell, she managed to seduce and manipulate the devil, and after he was killed she became Queen of Hell, returning back to the world of living. Yes, it does sound like the most convoluted storyline in history, and fans have been wondering for quite some time why someone decided to include it in the series.

People claim that even a storyline as bad as this one could have been saved if The CW had hired proper writers for the job, who would have carefully explained every detail of what was going on, making it more believable.

The fact that the writers decided to use Katerina as the main villain throughout the series made fans hate her, wanting the girl to get some proper story arc. Instead, they got the Queen of Hell. After all, it does look like Katerina's storyline was pretty much ruined by the end of The Vampire Diaries.