The Top 5 Color Combination Mistakes to Avoid in Your 2023 Wardrobe

Image credit: Legion-Media

Are you guilty of these fashion crimes?

Beige and blue

It is often said that this color combination is a perfect example of bad taste. In fact, some colors just do not work well together. For example, beige with yellow undertones combined with blue gives off something from the 2010s.

To solve this problem, simply choose a yellow that is closer to flesh color and look for gray and pale shades of blue.

Coral and turquoise

Just ten years ago, this combination was a major trend – any fashionable woman worth her salt considered it her duty to try on an outfit in these colors. Because of this frenzied popularity, both shades quickly went out of style. Nowadays, coral is coming back again, but you have to get rid of the old habits.

Pair it with a basic gray or go monochromatic to make your outfit look stylish. But keep all the turquoise clothes on the back shelf for a few more seasons.

Raspberry and black

We bring back 2007 faster than we thought with cargo pants, t-shirts with music band logos and all kinds of chains, but it should not be applied to this color scheme. In addition, the raspberry color palette is very close to fuchsia, which is gradually giving up its position as the most fashionable color.

Consider a softer variant of this shade – for example, candy pink will be an excellent alternative.

Salad green and purple

Last year, we finally stopped being afraid of bright colors and now can boldly combine several very different colors in the same outfit, but some combos are better to avoid. Salad green and purple is one of them. Separately, each of these colors look stylish, but together they make an outfit look too tacky.

Just "reduce" the brightness – replace purple with mauve or cornflower blue, and instead of salad green use grass or lime colors.

Emerald and Burgundy

You should always be careful with deep colors – you can accidentally make yourself look much older. This combination will definitely work against you no matter what clothes you choose. Don't hide behind dark shades, and if you like them, don't forget to soften the look with white, light gray or flesh colors.