The Top 4 Questions Fans Want Answered in Virgin River Season 5

Image credit: Netflix

Netflix’s romantic drama has a lot to explain before its next season premieres.

A hit romantic series about the life of Los Angeles nurse Mel Monroe, who decides to leave the big city in favor of a small town in search of peace and love. What she finds there surpasses all her expectations: she instantly gets a new job, attracts many love interests and meets a ton of interesting people.

Throughout the first four seasons, the show's creators have carefully planted a lot of cliffhangers, and fans can't wait to see them resolved in the upcoming fifth season.

Here are four Virgin River questions that need to be answered:

Why is Charmaine lying about the father of her twins?

When viewers first met Charmaine, she was already pregnant and everyone assumed that her ex-boyfriend Jack was the father. Jack was also sure of this, promising his ex that he would be there for the children, even though he was already romantically involved with Mel at the time. However, in the season four finale, it was revealed that Jack was not the father of the unborn children, despite Charmaine claiming otherwise.

People are wondering why she would lie about this, even after she realized Jack had moved on with his life, and hope that the upcoming season will finally answer these questions.

And who is really the father of the twins?

With Jack being out of the picture, fans are wondering who this mysterious father might be, with names such as Calvin and Vince constantly being mentioned. Charmaine's pregnancy storyline has been developing since the first season, and weary viewers are demanding a definitive answer to this question in the upcoming season.

What's next for Cameron?

Dr. Cameron Hayek made a sudden appearance in Virgin River, instantly drawing in viewers and characters alike with his charisma and kindness. And he himself was quite busy getting to know everyone and, of course, falling in love with Mel. And while there could have been a possible relationship between them, with Mel getting pregnant with Jack's baby, that's out of the question now.

Fans wonder now who Cameron might start a relationship with, hoping that the writers don't make such a good character yearn for Mel for all future seasons.

What’s up with the money laundering?

Many fans are still in shock after the criminal events took place in the Season 4 finale and are convinced that the money laundering arc is far from over. The biggest question is whether Nick and Jo Ellen know that their camping business is being used as a front to launder illicit money?

Whatever the outcome will be, fans are sure of one thing – this storyline is bound to lead somewhere interesting.