The Real Reason People Watch The Voice Is Heartbreaking

The Real Reason People Watch The Voice Is Heartbreaking
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Still, there's nothing wrong with that, because the show is fun just the way it is.


  • The Voice is one of the most popular singing competitions on TV.
  • Celebrity coaches attract new viewers to the show.
  • The audience becomes invested in the contestants along the way.

Since premiering on American television in 2011, The Voice has become one of the most popular reality shows with fans all over the world. In its impressive twenty-four seasons on the air, the singing competition has secured its place among America's most beloved programs, challenging the likes of American Idol and The X Factor. Now, as The Voice's twenty-fifth season approaches, viewers are buzzing with excitement. But...

As much as The Voice is a show about finding up-and-coming talented singers and helping them make it in the industry, that's not the main reason viewers return to the singing competition season after season. Let's face it – the celebrity coaches are the main reason for the show's popularity with viewers.

Coaches' Star Power

While the primary goal of The Voice is to discover new artists, we all love it for the charisma, charm and even talent of its star coaches. Over the course of the show's twenty-four seasons, dozens of musicians have sat in the spinning chairs – from veteran Blake Shelton, whose team members have won nine times, to Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and Niall Horan.

Celebrities of this ilk bring their massive fan bases to The Voice, where they get a chance to further promote themselves. With a new set of coaches each season, the singing competition continues to see an influx of new viewers.

'If it wasn't for Niall I wouldn't be watching. He is entertaining and a great coach,' one Reddit user shared.

Come for the Celebrities, Stay for the Contestants

You can't say that the celebrity coaches are the only reason people watch The Voice – they're just the main attraction that draws viewers in. But it's also unfair to dismiss that fact. While most people are drawn to the singing competition because of the coaches, they continue to watch for the artists and their talented performances.

'I started fully watching when Kelly [Clarkson] joined but stayed because I truly love seeing the singers' journeys,' another Redditor wrote.

All in all, it's not that The Voice is a bad show that doesn't serve its purpose – it does, as it gives us a ton of talented performances twice a year. It is just the way this particular singing competition works. And since it's about to enter its twenty-fifth season in a month, it doesn't need to be changed. After all, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, they say...

Source: Reddit.

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