The Real Reason Kanthony's Arc in Bridgerton Season 2 Felt So Awkward

The Real Reason Kanthony's Arc in Bridgerton Season 2 Felt So Awkward
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However beloved, their romance was dubious.


  • Kate and Anthony's love story is perhaps the most popular on the show.
  • The main source of drama in their relationship is alien to the source material.
  • Both Kate and Anthony failed the same character miserably.

Although Netflix is currently treating Bridgerton fans to Season 3, the second part of which is about to premiere, Season 2 of the period drama remains the ultimate hit. With that in mind, it's no wonder that two years after its release, the second season's episodes are some of the highest rated on IMDb.

The longevity of Season 2's popularity is due to the central romance it follows. Kate and Anthony's love story is arguably the most compelling and exciting of any depicted on the show. While the haters-turned-lovers trope employed in their arc may seem tired and boring, it allows the two characters to develop an immense chemistry that captivates the audience.

But as compelling as their romance was, it was marred by a sense of awkwardness. And apparently, it stems from a creative decision the showrunners made for Bridgerton.

The Clash of Two Sisters

The creators of Shondaland have been pretty free to make changes to Julia Quinn's novels on which Bridgerton is based. Most of the time, these changes don't really affect the main characters. But with Anthony and Kate, it was different because their entire arc was reimagined.

So on the show, we have Anthony seriously proposing to Kate's younger sister, Edwina, only to fall in love with Kathani and shock everyone with his sudden change of heart. Of course, Kate and Anthony didn't know they were going to fall in love. In fact, they thought they despised each other. But the situation with Edwina tainted their entire love story, making it immoral and unfair, not to mention uncomfortable to watch.

Harming the Innocent

What made the situation worse was Edwina's radiant personality. Her childlike naiveté, genuine kindness, and sweet demeanor gave her a cherubic charm, which is why it felt almost like a sacrilege to cheat on her.

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Edwina seemed to grow very attached to Anthony and embrace the idea of tying the knot with him, even though it wasn't her decision to marry in the first place. It took a lot of courage and moral effort for her to accept that. And to see it all for nothing must have been heartbreaking for her.

Frankly, Edwina was betrayed by the person she confided in most – her sister Kate. Kate played the key role in Edwina's marriage. And Kate was also the person who stole Edwina's fiancé. This betrayal was cringe-worthy, embarrassing, and just plain disgusting. But that doesn't seem to matter as long as it adds tension and drama to the show. Bread and circuses…

Season 3, Part 2 of Bridgerton will premiere on June 13.

Can you turn a blind eye to the situation with Edwina when it comes to Kanthony?