The Real Reason Juno Temple Got Cast on Ted Lasso Without Audition

The Real Reason Juno Temple Got Cast on Ted Lasso Without Audition
Image credit: Legion-Media, Apple TV+

Juno Temple, one of the undervalued co-stars of Apple TV+ smash new comedy Ted Lasso, had an interesting route navigating her way to the cast.

The 33-year-old actress already had an impressive resume with Atonement and The Dark Knight Rises, yet transitioning to a comedic role opposite the talented Jason Sudeikis was not an effortless career move.

Despite being invited to join the cast without an audition, Temple confessed to W Magazine that she was initially skeptical.

The reason?

Temple doubted that the producers of Ted Lasso were actually interested since she had appeared in more serious roles. Therefore, despite a text directly from Sudeikis inviting her to join the cast without auditioning, Temple was hesitant.

In fact, the British actress even texted the famous comedian back, insisting he had sent the invitation to the wrong person. However, according to Sudeikis, he already knew that Temple was destined for the role of Keeley.

In the past, the comedian had spent time with Temple (and his then-wife Olivia Wilde) singing karaoke. Reportedly, Sudeikis was so impressed with the fearless way Temple belted the tune that he knew she was a natural for the role of Keeley.

It has proven a wise decision as fast forward a few years later, and Ted Lasso is a massive success. The show recently debuted its much anticipated third season, and Temple has been nominated for multiple Emmy Awards for her performance in the TV series. Nonetheless, she hasn’t always been comfortable matching the superb timing and delivery of stars like Sudeikis.

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The actress may be just a little too hard on herself, all things considered, yet does make a fair assessment when she compares comedic timing to art.

“It’s like being able to write a song; it’s a rhythm that I don’t naturally know,” she joked.

Be that as it may, Temple understands that the honesty in her character has helped make her one of the funniest on Ted Lasso.

“The joy with Keeley is that she is very honest with everything she does,” the actress described attempting to make the character as human as possible. “[The character] is someone that genuinely has been and still is teaching me to be kinder to myself. She has this special ability to see the best in people.”

Interestingly enough, Temple admitted that playing the role helped her get through the difficult time period when shooting began for season one in 2020, around the beginning of the pandemic. The character has also appeared to bring the same warmth to the hearts of audiences, and fans will be pleased to know she is back for season three of Ted Lasso.