The Julianne Moore Guide to Fashion for Redheads: 5 Essential Tips

Image credit: Legion-Media

The fashion secrets of a redheaded icon.

Blondes look good in pink, brunettes in red, but the question of what works best for redheads is often left unanswered.

Here's some advice from Hollywood actress Julianne Moore, who looks flawless on and off the red carpet.

Go for an antique look

Red-headed girls were once the muses of the Pre-Raphaelites, as their beauty came to life in the attire of draped gowns.

On the carpet, Julianne Moore often turns to the antique style, choosing draped haute couture gowns, emphasizing the aristocratic pallor of the skin and highlighting the hair with bronze flames.

Playing with masculinity.

Usually, red lipstick is used when a girl wears a tuxedo to enhance the effect, but redheads don't need it. The actress favors 1930s-inspired sets consisting of a white blouse and cargo pants. Perfect for the sun-kissed businesswoman.

Don't be afraid of pink

Contrary to stereotypes, pink looks really good with red hair and freckles. But it only works if you choose a bubble gum shade of pink. Julianne softened the overall cuteness of an outfit with a double-breasted suit and refused to wear a T-shirt or top underneath so as not to ruin the monochromatic harmony.

Make friends with the 60s

Short dresses with a cascade of ruffles look absolutely great on redheads. So if you are already thinking about a New Year's Eve outfit, feel free to wear a dress à la the princess from the Disney fairy tale.

Add more ginger

Julianne Moore has yet another secret: if you want to emphasize the best features of your appearance, but there is no mood to think creatively, you can complement the outfit with red or brown accessories. They will create the right contrast with the base and turn a sporty chic into a sophisticated, casual look.