The End of an Era: See Grant Gustin Hanging the Flash Suit for the Last Time

Image credit: Legion-Media

The actor says goodbye to the character he played for nine years: there is little fanfare but a lot of heartbreak.

Love them or hate them, The CW's DC Universe shows have become an important part of the 2010s television landscape, making millions of people fall in love with superheroes all over again. If Arrow was the first series to kick off this craze, The Flash was by far the most popular, thanks in no small part to Grant Gustin's charming performance as the main character.

The Flash was on the air for nine years, and it seemed like a forever show, but last year The CW unexpectedly announced it was pulling the plug on it and that season nine would be the last.

Fans have been heartbroken over the news for quite some time now, but the recently released video of Grant saying goodbye to his Flash costume has made the pain even more unbearable. In the video, Grant carefully hangs the red suit up in the wardrobe, thanks it for all the wonderful years and calls it 'bud' as it has become something like his second skin in the nine years he has worn it on set.

Watch the video below (get some tissues too):

Grant Gustin hangs The Flash suit for the last time 😢
by u/confidentialeye in FlashTV

Flash fans could hardly sit through the video without tears, applauding Grant as one of the main reasons they kept watching the series even after budgets were cut and stories became unbearable. With his childlike demeanour and kind and caring personality, Grant was a perfect Flash, prompting millions of fans to ask Warner Bros. to dump Ezra Miller and cast Grant instead in the role.

However, not only did the farewell video break fans' hearts, but it also infuriated them.

Many found it difficult to understand why The CW would not let the actor keep the costume, forcing him to leave it behind. Fans resented this, arguing that Grant deserved the right to keep the Flash costume after all these years, given its huge role in his career. It might all be just one big misunderstanding, but fans are already petitioning The CW to let Grant keep the Flash costume.