The Deeper Meaning of Deathly Hallows Scene Only Adults Will Understand

The Deeper Meaning of Deathly Hallows Scene Only Adults Will Understand
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Some scenes hit you instantly. Others take a few years of maturity to fully understand.

The Harry Potter films took us on a wonderful journey that got progressively darker as the stakes rose higher. As the beloved main characters grew, so did the imminent danger. The movies became more frightening and less full of wonder as Voldemort's power increased.

In the midst of all this terror and dread, you will find one of the most beautiful scenes in the entire film series. Harry and Hermione dancing together.

Brilliant scene

Many of us will admit to watching Deathly Hallows when we were a little too young. As a result, we found this tender dance scene between Harry and Hermione confusing and out of place. It seemed awkward, and we struggled to understand why it was there. But re-watching the film as an adult, the purpose of that scene becomes crystal clear.

Harry and Hermione were alone. Ron had run off, they were apart from their families, friends, and loved ones. And they were in complete hiding due to Voldemort’s Death Eaters having taken over the Ministry of Magic. Many of their allies were dead, and hope seemed like a distant dream that they refused to let go of.

They had the first Horcrux, but it was tearing them apart. They knew they needed to destroy it and could not work out how to do so. Every moment they held onto it, the dark magic within the item wore them down and threatened to change them. Being strong was their only option.

Then Harry takes Hermione by the hand and dances with her to a song on their little radio. The awkwardness of it soon has them both laughing and even forgetting their troubles for a moment. As children, we did not get this. But as adults, we see the message. Love. Not romantic love. Pure love.

Different types of love

It was the purity of Harry’s mother’s love that kept him alive. And it has been the love of friends and family throughout the series that has thwarted the enemy at every turn. That realization hit us with a spark of genuine hope when we needed it most. That as long as our heroes have each other’s love, there is nothing that can defeat them.

What did you think of the dance scene?