The Craziest Virgin River Relationship We Somehow Didn't Question

The Craziest Virgin River Relationship We Somehow Didn't Question
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It was a major red flag that we missed right at the beginning of the show.


  • Virgin River is full of relationships, some of which are quite ridiculous.
  • Mel's sister storyline was largely overlooked by viewers.
  • In hindsight, this storyline doesn't make any sense.

As one of Netflix's most popular romantic dramas, Virgin River focuses primarily on the relationships between its many characters. As such, the show revolves around Mel and Jack's love arc, as the two get together, break up, and reunite several times over the course of VR's five-season run. There's also a fan-favorite love triangle between Jack's sister Brie, local bad guy Dan Brady, and Detective Mike.

While these two and many other relationship storylines are pretty exciting to follow, there are some pretty nonsensical ones that undermine the overall quality of Virgin River. For example, John Preacher's instant romance with Kaia, a firefighter who came to the town's rescue in season 5, made the audience question the plausibility of such a rapid development of feelings between two relatively acquainted people. At the same time, there's an even more dubious relationship that VR fans have somehow let slide.

Mel's Sister's Storyline

Since it's been five years since Virgin River premiered, some of you may not even remember that Melinda has a sibling. After the untimely death of her husband, Mel moved to the titular town and left her life in Los Angeles behind. Subsequently, her sister Joey tried to convince her to return to LA and not make such drastic changes. Joey also followed her sister to Virgin River to talk some sense into her, but instead she succumbed to the serene magic of the small Northern California town and decided to make changes in her life.

Apparently Joey's marriage was bursting at the seams and, unable to take it any longer, she called it quits and left her husband. And that's when things started to get crazy in her storyline, because about a month later she married another man in a wedding that Mel threw for her and that Joey's kids didn't attend. Call me picky, but that doesn't make any sense.

Unfathomable Turn of Events

Sure, we've seen a lot of... unbelievable things happen in Virgin River – like Mel finding her biological father, who's been living in town all along but whom we've never seen before. However, it's highly unconvincing that Joey managed to get a divorce within a month and married another man she didn't really know well.

More importantly, it's almost impossible to believe that Joey would marry someone without introducing him to her kids first – does her new husband even know that she has children? Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened, and we don't seem to have paid much attention to it. In this light, it's no wonder that the show gets crazier with every season...

What do you think of Joey's storyline on Virgin River?